Team Ghana 2018

Eyram Esi Nud-Duwor, Driver.
Eyram is a 16 year old student of Wesley Girl’s High School. She loves to solve anything involving calculations which contributes to her love for robotics. She finds robotics interesting as it combines Mathematics and Science together and using them to solve problems within the shortest possible time. She likes to watch movies especially musicals. She hopes to be a paediatrician in future. Professor Allotey is her hero.

Lizette Pokuaa Osafo, Programmer.
Lizette is a 17 year old student of Wesley Girl’s High School. She loves music, playing guitar and reading Greek mythology books. She’s interested in robotics because it gives her the opportunity to bring her ideas to life. I hope to be a musician and a doctor in future. I love learning languages online and I like to eat a lot.

Enam Abla Dartey, Programmer.
Enam is a 16 year old student of Wesley Girl’s High School. She thinks robotics gives one opportunity to program anything and bring your imagination right to your doorstep. She loves to play soccer as well as sing. She thinks mathematics and chemistry are wonderful subjects. Kofi Annan is her role model and she believe that so long as you’re determined you can do anything. That is why she aspires to be a mechanical engineer but is still trying out other options.

Dillys Naa Kai Annan, Builder.
Dillys is a 17 year old student of Wesley Girl’s High School. She believes that robotics serves as a portal to a new world of Science and Technology. She enjoys watching movies and singing. She has always looked up to her dad and admired his hard work and determination. She aspires to be a pharmacist in future but would also love to take up a profession that allows her to explore the works of her hands.

Maame Foriwaa Abu-Sakyi, Team Captain, Programmer
Foriwaa is an exuberant 16 year old student of Wesley girls’ high school. She believes that every girl child must reach her zenith in pursuing anything that concerns science and technology, as such, she would like to use robotics as her foundation to make that dream possible and enable every girl develop an interest one way or the other in robotics. Her role model is Dr. Ben Carson. She enjoys photography and she likes to write and sing. She aspires to be a medical lawyer as well as a professional photographer one day because she loves how every moment can be captured through a lens.

Team Media