Team Greece 2018

Team Greece is a company of friends from different parts of Greece. The team members are boys and girls living in Athens, Thessaloniki, Xanthi, Karditsa, Lagonisi, aged from 14 to 17 years old. Distance and age difference is not an obstacle because our love for robotics, engineering, technology and programming, as well as our thirst for collaboration and team spirit help us overcome everything that comes our way!

Three things characterize our country, Greece: sea (water), sun (light) and wind. Our country is surrounded by water. It also has a large number of rivers and lakes, apart from the nearly one thousand islands. The weather in Greece is usually good with a lot of sunlight all year long. Northern sea winds blow during July and August and they are quite strong. So, the most important energy sources for our country should be the ones mentioned above, because they are in abundance, they are environmentally friendly, and they are renewable. Taking part in FGC gives us a strong motive to promote these energy sources back home.

What we love as a team is that teamwork is promoted throughout all FIRST programs, creating the leaders of the future, whom we aspire to join one day. In addition, one of our biggest incentives to participate in FIRST Global is the representation of Greece in international competitions. At the same time, the journey to and acquaintance of a country and culture on the other side of the Atlantic is undoubtedly another reason, not to mention the opportunities to get in touch and collaborate with teams from all around the world. FIRST Global will be a tremendous opportunity for us to do what we love – robotics – and share experiences and high-level knowledge with others.

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