Team Grenada 2018

Javid Mitchell, Team Captain, Driver
Who am I? I am Javid Mitchel a second-year student at the T.A Marryshow Community College with dreams of becoming a Computer Scientist in the near future. I am particularly interested in robotics because I like a good challenge and Robotics is certainly a highly challenging field where there are many unsolved problems and many problems that can be solved better. In my spare time I use the internet to read and to further my knowledge in the world of tech. In School, I developed a particular liking for Information Technology, Electrical and Electronics, Mathematics and especially Physics. What makes me unique is my self-motivation, my dedication to my work and my wide array of skills and interests.

Wasim Pysadee, Programmer
Wasim Pysadee is a secondary student of the Grenada Boys’ Secondary School, whose curiosity with mechanics has no limit. Furthermore, he has an unquenchable thirst for vehicles. In order to pursue his dream of becoming a mechanical engineer who specializes in the field of automotive engineering, he is hoping to use robotics as a stepping stone. To complement this love for engineering, Wasim is fond of mathematics, chemistry and physics. In his spare time, he does art and builds working models of various machines. He also enjoys spending time with friends and embarking on group projects. Despite these attributes all seem normal for a 17-year-old, Wasim is a unique individual that never takes no for an answer and always strives for perfection in everything he does.

Vejay Cato, Programmer
I am a form five student of Presentation Brothers College in Grenada. I am interested in robotics because it is the future of this world, I love being innovative and seeing different solutions to ideas. My hopes for the future is to become a civil engineer, with the help of robotics I will be able to build machine so work efficiency will be better. In my spare time I love making bodybuilding routines and working out. My favourite subject is Building Furniture Technology. I am both an introvert and extrovert. That’s what’s unique about me and I do go the extra mile.