Team Guinea-Bissau 2018

Hello people! We are three students from the Guinea-Bissau team and we are proud to represent our country at FGC 2018. The invitation sent to our team is a great opportunity that our country never had in its history and besides we are proud of that as the pioneers, we will take advantage to demonstrate our capabilities as the future leaders of Guinea-Bissau. Participating in this event will result in a commitment to your organization in developing the skills of the Science, Technology, and Engineering and Mathematics-based education system for the well-being of children in Guinea-Bissau in particular and for the better future of all the people of Guinea-Bissau.

Guinea-Bissau is a country with an area of ​​36,125 Km2 and with about 2 million inhabitants where the education system is very weak from the point of view of the strategies of promotion of qualified and inclusive education. The country presents an island area with about 89 islands that constitute the tourist center and considered by UNESCO as a world heritage of the biosphere reserve, with many business opportunities.

Luciano Correia Landim (captain)
My name is Luciano and I’m a player. I really like football and this time I was part of the Football Club of the Port of Guinea-Bissau and one of the best scorers of the championship of the second division of Guinea-Bissau. I am pleased to be allied to the Guinea-Bissau team as part of the international robotic Olympics that will take place in Mexico in August 2018. I would like to be a professional footballer capable of contributing to the sporting development of my country. This could only be reality through the knowledge of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. FIRST Global is a solution for my prospects.

Manuel Benoni Lopes Mendes (Programmer and driver)
I am Manuel, a member from Guinea-Bissau. I finished 12th year in this year’s Portuguese school in Guiné-Bissau, I am very good at MACS (Applied Mathematics and Social Sciences), I am very curious and persevering in scientific discoveries. I have a basic ICT domain. My dream is to be a computer engineer to take advantage of the business potential that exists in my country. I am thrilled to have invited to join the FIRST Global Challenge 2018.

Clinzen Fona Cletche (Programmer and driver)
I am Clinzen and I am in the Tchico-Te Superior Normal School, in the 2nd year of training in Biology and Chemistry. I have skills in chemistry in terms of learning and desire to be a doctor and computer engineer in order to renew the planet. It is an honor and pleasure to thank FIRST Global for the opportunity they have given me to participate in the international event of an instructive nature where I will have the opportunity to acquire many experiences in the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics. I proved my abilities in the areas of Chemistry, Physics and Biology.