Team Guyana 2018

Team Guyana 2018 is made up of Ryan Benschop, Sahief Poese, Arrianna Mahase, Michael Sampson, Jahi Omari Ghansam and Farnaz Baksh.

A past student of Saints Stanislaus College, Arrianna, joined the team in April of 2017. Being a Computer Science student at the University of Guyana, she sees robotics as the next step for her, since she dreams of becoming a Robotics Engineer. She finds this year’s challenge a bit difficult but having participated in last year’s competition, she is more comfortable with the components of the kit as well as proposed designs.

Jahi is also a former student of St. Stanislaus College. He is a current student of the Government Technical Institute studying Computer Science. He stated that he was exposed to robotics by the presentations about the former team. He became interested in the field and finds himself more affiliated with the software component of robotics. Though he has little experience in robotics, he aims to learn as much as he can to contribute to the team.

A former student of Brickdam Secondary School and a current computer science student at the Government Technical Institute, Michael was first exposed to robotics at a STEM Guyana presentation by the former team members. He is an aspiring Web Developer which also contributes to his love for robotics because he loves bringing his designs to life.Though he is relatively new to robotics, Michael has not yet encountered any difficulties and doesn’t plan to because he lives by a saying which states “Nothing is hard; it’s the individual who makes it”.

Sahief joined the team in April 2017, and attends the University of Guyana, where he is a member of the robotics club. Obstacles he believes the team faced include getting to know the components of the kit and how each part works with the other. Always having a love for motors and “anything with wheels”, he was encouraged to join the robotics team. Sahief aims to become either a computer engineer or an IT manager.

Ryan graduated from Queen’s College and is currently studying at School of the Nations. In his view, everyone on the team is given the opportunity to put forth ideas and be creative, and everyone on the team supports one another despite any differences in opinion. He also believes that while working on a team has its challenges, it unifies the group and teaches them skills such as problem solving and the benefit of hard work. For Ryan, this robotics competition represents an opportunity for Guyana to develop the technological sector and a way to encourage young people to think. His goal is to become a digital entrepreneur, and further his interests in business and finance.

Team Mentor and Manager of Team Guyana Robotics, Ms Farnaz Baksh is a current computer science student at the University of Guyana and a member of STEMGuyana since 2016. Her goal is to become a Robotics Engineer and a Tech Entrepreneur. Farnaz is passionate about promoting science and technology education in her country and wish to continue inspiring and mentoring the next generation of dreamers, changemakers and innovators.

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