Team Haiti 2018

Joseph Rood Judeley, having grown up with this competitive spirit has always struggled to be among the best in his schooling or any other field. From an early age he developed an interest in science, which led him to discover the computer especially the pen-testing for which his interest continues to grow. He is perfectly capable of mastering science and is also passionate about literature. His most cherished dream is to be a figurehead in the world of computing and electronics.

Louis Vinschy Olkentz likes, above all, music, reading and computer science, which he began to learn since his 5 years old. However, his biggest passion is photography, and he also likes to watch movies, TV series, and play the piano. Vinschy is currently learning some programming languages: Python, Java and HTML. He actively plays basketball and football. He participated in the creation of two platforms: hitpam and skooltrip in Haiti, is currently involved in the evolution of an online shopping website: Needall. He is actively involved in computer-related activities at his school. He plans to create before two android apps and his own geek website. And he wants to become a great programmer and engineer.

Clergeot Jessica Nancy Wade is a young Haitian girl who comes from the southern part of Jérémie and currently lives in Port-au-Prince. Since she has reached the capacity to attend school, her parents have entrusted her to the Institution Nouvelle Source where she is preparing to spend her last year for her classical studies. Honest, calm, respectful, hardworking, she always aims for excellence and has, more than once, been the pride of her family and her institution. She is a strong girl dedicated to success. If we were to describe it in a few words, we could sum it up as follows: a strong, hard-working girl with a great future in front of her and above all the presence of the Almighty. Here is a glimpse of the wonderful person Clergeot Jessica Nancy Wade.

Alcéus Alex Abigaël was born in Port au Prince. He was always attracted by technology since he was a little kid, he was always trying to build and fix things. At age 6, Alceus had his first computer and he started to enjoy every single thing about it. He is passionate about music, he plays guitar, and is currently learning drums. He also is a big fan of video games such as Playstation and Xbox. He plays football and basketball and his favorite team is the Golden State recently Champion. He is a programmer and proficient in programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS 3, and Python. He has already created some websites, consoles and videos. He is in the process to create a  virtual assistance software and some other IT projects. He has is own company that does photoshoots, video, stickers and series, he worked for several companies such as Ozone, Marckotours and services where he helps them create professional software.

Team Media