Team Honduras 2018

Team Honduras 2018 comes from small, rural communities in the mountains of Intibucá, Honduras. Our team is formed by students with different goals, ambitions and difficulties we have to overcome. Some of us with different purposes in life and ways of thinking, but all of us have one objective that is the same, which is to finish our studies and graduate with a university degree, which would allow us to help our communities, our municipalities and our country. We don’t take our studies for granted. Most children in Honduras do not continue going to school past 6th grade, and our families have made a great sacrifice for us to be in high school. However, living in small towns where opportunities and jobs are hard to find, we know that an education could change the trajectory and better the future of our families and our communities.  

As we continue towards this goal in robotics, we have experienced a variety of difficulties that aren’t easy to overcome, such as transportation to training sessions, the time of the trainings, and the climate. Some of us have to walk over an hour to and from the school, sometimes in the rain. At the beginning of this process, none of us had knowledge about robotics, but this experience has allowed us to take on a great challenge and responsibility to learn about robotics and be able to represent our country. This program requires the maximum performance of each one of us physically and intellectually. We are willing to take on the challenge and move ahead with the design, construction, and programming of the robot and want to be the best on the field. We know that in the process we will fail many times, but with lots of application and dedication we will come out ahead.

Team Honduras last year achieved a great placement in their final scores. Our goal is to achieve a good placement, and a better placement, than Team Honduras in 2017. This will be achieved with the combined effort of all of the members of the team.

The theme of this year, Energy Impact, caught our attention. This topic is hugely important and prevalent for our country, as the sources of energy we have are not sufficiently effective and are contaminating and destroying our environment. We could generate clean and alternative energy without destroying our world, which makes us reflect and think that if we choose as a country to invest in new sources of energy we could save the beautiful environment in which we live. In the communities where we live, the power frequently goes out and affects our work, our school and our homes. We are excited to explore this theme with students from around the world and listen to experiences in their countries with energy and explore solutions for the future.

We’ve learned that the most important thing in this life is to take advantage of the opportunities that God provides, and to give the best that we can to each of these opportunities to reach our goal. 

We are confident that by August, we will have our robot ready to demonstrate to Honduras and the rest of the world that there exists lots of talent in our small towns.   We are excited to show that we are able to reach the number one spot in the world.  

Team Media