Team Hungary 2018

We are Fazekas RoboTeam at Fazekas Mihály Gimnázium Budapest, Hungary. The team has been active since 2003, with students varying through the years, of course. We participated in many national and international competitions, like FLL and WRO and collected lots of awards and appreciation. This is our second time we can participate at the FIRST Global Challenge. Last year we represented Europe.

Members of our team are specialized in Mathematics. We participate in many competitions not only in robotics, but also Mathematics, Physics and IT. We all plan to work in STEM. Our goal is to get more experience in robotics and cooperation and to achieve results through working together. We have lots of activites and duties during the year so it is not easy to find time to prepare for the competition, but we work hard and spend as much of our free time as possible to plan, build and program our robot for the best.

Besides the competition, we see the importance of this event in meeting people from across the world who share similar interests to us. We can compare our knowledge and experiences with the others. And we hope to keep the connections even after the tournament.