Team Iceland 2018

Team Iceland for the FIRST Global Challenge consists of three members, Dýrleif Birna Sveinsdóttir, Kormákur Atli Unnþórsson and Flosi Torfason. This summer they’ll be preparing for the challenge as they build a robot to take on Mexico in August.

Energy Situation

When it comes to energy, Iceland is a prime example in terms of efficiency, sustainability and renewability. The entire generation of electricity in Iceland is renewable, to be specific 75.5% generated via hydropower and 24.5% via geothermal power. When it comes to primary energy, including transportation and heating, 15% is generated via hydropower, 66% via geothermal power and only 19% via fossil fuels.

Regarding how Iceland‘s energy situation specifically affects members of our team, it doesn’t at all. There isn’t much to notice or even be aware of when it comes to living with the situation since it‘s so astonishingly clean. It also barely affects Icelanders financially, seeing that it‘s very cheap.

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