Team Indonesia 2018

Team R2045 (abbreviation for Rendezvous 2045) is the robotics team of Indonesia represented by Madrasah International TechnoNatura. The team comprises of creative and ambitious students with technical, knowledge, practical approach and management skills. Our team members take part in various technical events of other school fests. Technology, in general, is an interesting and challenging subject for our team, especially robotics.

Our team members all share a passion for robotics, innovation, and technology. Our mission is to inspire and to promote interest in knowledge of STEAM (science, technology, Engineering, Art, and Math) throughout TechnoNatura, The community, Indonesia and beyond; and to develop leadership, teamwork, communication and other life skills. We aim to strengthen our sense of teamwork, to continue practising professionalism, building international relationships with other teams and to inspire others around the world to get involved in STEAM programs.

1. Iman Proton – Team Captain/Driver
Iman is the team leader of R2045 Team This year, He is the leader of Team Indonesia in FGC 2018. He organises the team collaboration and is responsible for the robot design, he also built and do the mechanic of the robot together with the team. In the future, he wants to be an inventor that’s why he would like to study with STEM education. STEM is his favourite subject. In his spare time, Iman also loves to design things in 3D. This is the first time Iman joined the FGC with 160 countries, he hopes to be able to collaborate with other countries.

2. Sandra Lavina – Spokesperson
Sandra is one of the members of R2045. It’s her first year in the team and she’s just starting her first year in her high school TechnoNatura. She has a found interest in Technology, especially biotechnology. In the future, Sandra would like to be an expert in biotechnology. She learned English since she was about 3 years old and communicating with new people is one of her hobbies.

3. Krisna Hafara Prianto – Software Engineer/Strategist
Krisna is a member of R2045 Team In this year’s FGC he helped the R2045 team to be the software engineer, he does programming and related software stuff for the robot. In the future, he wants to be an astronaut that why he really interested in STEM. For him, STEM is the most important curriculum in the 21st century. Because STEM uses Logic to creatively solve problems and it really useful for making the world the better place in the future. Krisna also loves to build a robot by Lego Mindstorm and joined other robotics competition. This is the first time Krisna joined the FGC that will be held in Mexico City and he really excited to collaborate and compete with 160 countries.

4. Rehayl Rastrapatiji – Hardware Engineer/Driver
Rey is a member of R2045 Team , Indonesia. This is his first year on the R2045 robotic team. He is the lead engineer on the team. He does the designing, making and evaluating the robot. In his daily life, he loves making short movies with his friends just to have fun or school projects. In the future, he wants to be an aerospace engineer, that’s why he is interested in STEM.

5. Ezra Reynara – Human Player
Ezra is one of the members of R2045 Team Indonesia. This is his first year on R2045’s robotics team. He is the Hardware engineer of the team working with Rey and the other members. He innovates in making the design, and functions of the robot. Usually, in his everyday life, he likes to do sports. He’s doing his best for his debut in the team for the FGC in Mexico this year.

Our goals are to give our best, gain experience by making, programming and testing the robot, and forging a better collaboration with many people all over the world. We also hope to meet new friends from numerous different countries entering the competition. We also want to show that Indonesia is not just rich in natural resources, but also full of friendly youth who are able to collaborate, create and develop new technology.