Team Iran 2018

Hello! We are team Iran and we are glad to be participating in FIRST Global and to be the little ambassadors of real Iran and real people. We are a team of five diverse members coming together sharing our passion for STEM.

Iran…a country of literature science, culture, and beautiful nature. Iran has a 2500-year history and poets like Hafez, Sadi, and Molavi (Roomi), and scientists like Kharazmi, Khayyam, Soofi and Avicenna who represent love, kindness, and peace to the world.

We greet all our friends around the world in FGC. We are glad that once more science and robotics has broken geopolitical borders and brought international students together to sing a song of friendship.

Amin Dadkhah (Captain and programmer)
My name is Amin I’m 16 and I’ve been in the robotics field since I was 11. I love programming and solving unfamiliar issues with it. I participated in FGC 2017 and I’m honored to be participating in the coming FGC. My favorite subject at school is math and I hope to study computer science at university. What I like most about robots is the innovation and creation and I absolutely enjoy it more when it comes to the programming parts.

Pouria Mizbani (driver)
My name is Pouria I’m 17 years old and I’ve started my robotic experiences with our mentor when I was 8. I loved building stuff since I was a child and I participated in Lego league since I was 14. I love to listen to rap music and to rap myself. I hope to study aerospace engineering in university. What I love most about robots is the recklessness.

Keynoosh Zare (spokesperson and builder)
My name is Keynoosh and I’m 16 years old. I’m more than happy to be the first girl representing Iran in FGC and I hope this gives all the other Iranian girls interested in robotics the courage to break gender gaps. I was introduced to robotics field when I was 14. I love art and especially illustration, and hope to study fine arts in university. What I love most about robotics is building and the innovation in mechanical parts, though I find the future of robots a bit scary.

Kamdin Zare (builder)
My name is Kamdin and I’m 18. I entered robotics by our mentor when I was 10. I’ve participated in Lego NXT and Lego EV3. Right now I’m studying engineering but I hope to study sound track someday. I love playing piano and Xbox and driving. What I love most about robots is being able to create and build something that actually works. About the future of robots… I just hope they don’t get way too smart.

Mohammad hoseini (builder)
My name is Mohammad and I’m 16. It’s been a year that I’m working in robotics. I like to write and read in my leisure time. My favorite subject at school is physics and I hope to study mechanics or industrial design in university. What I like most about robots is the future of AI and deep learning.

Mohammadreza Karami (mentor)
I’m Mohammadreza and I’m the team’s mentor. I’m 25 and I made my first robot when I was 12. I coached my first national team when I was 18. I have 14 inventions and participated in more than 70 robotic events and I’m honored to be a part of FIRST Global for 2 years so far. Being a part of this international event is a great chance for any mentor and I’m happy to be a part of it.

We wish our participation in FIRST global will be more than a competition. We wish to be creating an easier pathway to STEM for all the other students in our country. We also hope events like the FIRST Global Challenge continue bringing people together and lead to the dream image of “Global Village”.

We will see you all in Mexico!??❤️??

Team Media