Team Iraq 2018

Our team consists of students from different schools in Basrah city. They met in the science camp (the Iraqi maker) and developed a connection between each other, and this is the place where they work to represent their country internationally and make relationships with their international peers. Our team is interested and passionate in Robotics and STEM fields and each of us has skills that, when combined together, will create a wonderful team with great results. This is our second time attending the challenge and this participation will allow us to be a source of inspiration for youth in different countries, and we hope that we achieve the results we aspire to.

Ali Naaseif, Programmer
Ali studies in Gifted Students School in Basrah at six class. He is highly interested the coordination between hardware and software and has accomplished many projects in such aspects. His favorite subjects are Maths and Physics because they are totally dependent on each other, and both can shape the face of robotics. At his free time, he reads novels and poems in order to improve his literary skills as a poet, also he is a football player, ping-pong player and a gamer. He hopes to see a new world filled with peace and friendship and he considers FIRST Global Challenge as a way to achieve such hope, so he has participated in FGC 2017 and continued to FGC 2018.

Mohammed Raad, mechanist
Mohammed is a student in gifted school in Basra. He is sixteen years old, he is very excited with mechanics and loves collecting the parts and give better ideas to make the robot more effective. He is interesting in robots because he sees that robot is the future of the world, he loves to have an important place in developing his country in the futures, and want to makes the difficult things more easy to help many people effected by the hard work. He loves physics and engineering because they have many designs and subjects that he interested in. Mohammed does many things to exploit his free time, he love sports so he go to the gym, stadium, and gardens to play football and ping-pong, also he is playing many games in his house because he is a gamer.

Mohammed Sadeq, Driver 
Studies in Gifted Students School in Basra and graduating in August. Interested in STEM education and hope to see this fields are applied in the Iraqi educational institutions, highly interested in technology and the future outlooks that modern technology provide especially in the field of Robotics. Participated in FIRST Global Challenge 2017 and saw how STEM could unite youth to work with the same goals of providing a new future where earth and environment are considered the most important subject to be developed and sustained, to ensure a future for upcoming generations were unity is the belief of all humans around the globe. He is a multilingual national celebrated poet and participant in StartUp Weekend and MADE-in Basra events.

We made a lot of international friends in FGC 2017, and hope to continue the journey in FGC 2018 in Mexico.

Team Media