Team Kenya 2018

Meet Team Kenya, a group of four young STEM leaders that are already actively engaged in making change in their country. All the members have participated in Global Minimum Inc. (GMin) programs where they have worked on increasing their STEM skills and designed social innovation projects. Meet our team!

Stella Adhiambo is a student at Riruta Satellite School. She was part of GMin’s Innovation Lab program, where she got to learn about electronics and worked on prototyping an automatic alarm system for households to help curb insecurity. Stella wants to study Electrical Engineering so she can gain skills to invent solutions to tackle food security challenges in the country.

Gladys Wairimu is a recent high school graduate from Precious Blood Girls School and is passionate about technology. She has participated in several forums that support technology and innovation such as the Innovate Kenya program & Global Technovation Challenge . She has innovated several projects that solve certain challenges in her society such as M-Safiri, an app that solves challenges experienced in the transport sector. Gladys is also an art enthusiast and enjoys art in the form of drawing and dancing. She would like to study Computer Science and major in Cyber Security as she aims at curbing the security challenges that come with the new technology.

Mulengwa Emmanuel is a recent high school graduate from Pumwani Boys High School and he loves technology and inventions. He also has a passion for programming and has taught himself how to use Java, HTML and CSS. He has worked on his invention the HyHy Pump, which is a solar-powered Hydraulic Hydroelectric Pump that can be used to provide energy to communities that are off-grid. His invention earned him a spot as an Innovate Kenya finalist in April 2018 camp. He would like to become “an inventor who turns this world of ours from epidemics to paradise.”

Eric Mwaura is an alum of St. Mary’s Boys Nyeri High School and is interested in machine development, app development and art, which has made him view technology as the backbone of development. This enabled him to participate in different competitions that help solve challenges faced in society. As an Innovate Kenya finalist, he worked with his teammate and developed smart glasses called I-Sight that assists visually impaired people to complete various tasks without human intervention. He would like to study Software Engineering in order to solve different challenges through technology.

Team Kenya looks forward to learning more about STEM and innovation by taking part in FGC 2018 as well interacting and sharing their culture, hopes and dreams with other young STEM leaders from all over the world. Asante/Gracias/Thank You :)!

Team Media