Team Laos 2018

Hello! We are Team Laos. This our second time joining in FIRST Global. All of us are proud and excited to be a part of such an excellent event for youth all around the world which encourages young people in STEM. Laos is a developing country in southeast Asia, rich with elegant cultures of many ethics and full of nature.

Latthasin Souliya (Captain, Primary Driver)
My name is Latthasin Souliya. I started my robotic experience 2 years ago. I am fascinated by the mechanism of it and how we can tweak things making DIY staffs. Building a robot is fun, every single part of the machines combine into each bigger component and the fun part is we can always make changes and to see what works best. Apart from studying and robotics, I also enjoy playing football. We wish our competition in FIRST Global will spread out the name of our country to be heard. We hope every single person of every nation worldwide to unite as one in this spectacular event.

Phomsavanh Khamchan (Programmer, Secondary Driver)
My name is Phomsavanh, the first time I got involved in robotics is when I was 16. This is my first time to participate in an international competition. I really love programming because it helps practice our thinking system to be more logical. Besides learning at the school, I also attend online courses to practice both professional skills and to learn English. My hobbies are relaxing and playing badminton. Furthermore, I hope that I will use my knowledge to solve problems and someday in the future help solve bigger issues for my country and others. The thing I love most about robotics is to be able to do anything that we think and create to overcome problems.

Alex Saelao (Mechanician)
My name is Alex. I am 18 years old. I am the first-year student at the University of Laos majoring in information technology. I started becoming interested in technology and science since 2 years ago and after studying IT, I was introduced to robotics by seniors, I knew immediately that this is what I love to do. Then I got a chance to join some local volunteer tech communities inside and outside the campus. I am more happy to be for the first time in the FIRST Global Challenge. I hope I will share my experience with any friends at this event.

Katai Xaiyasombath (Chaperon, Mentor)
I’m the team’s mentor for this year and also last year of FGC. I’m Katai, which means rabbit in English. I am 23 now. I began building my first robot when I was a senior. Moreover, I have joined in more than 20 robotic events and volunteered in many communities to enhance Technology in our local area. I appreciate to be a part of FIRST Global for 2 years. And I feel thankful for the chance that FGC has given us to show our abilities.

Team Media