Team Latvia 2018

Hello, we are Team Latvia. We are from Centre for Creative Learning “Annas 2”, which is one of the best places in Latvia for youngsters. There are 4 members and our teacher Egmonts Pavlovskis in our team. We are truly excited about this large robot kit and possibility to travel to Mexico. All of us are looking forward to a great event and meeting all of you this summer. See you in Mexico!   

Bruno Grebstelis, captain. Bruno is a 10th grade student in Riga 64th Secondary school. He has been developing his skills in electronics and robotics for 5 years. His interest in electronics began already in his childhood because his father is an excellent electrical engineer. In his spare time, he works on small and fun projects which are designed by himself. These projects may be building a GPS tracker, a cheating device (which can help in school), or even fixing broken electronic devices for his friends.

His main difficulties come from projects that don’t work properly at the beginning. For example, he has burnt down components like the display or a microcontroller. Also, he has spent a lot of time looking for mistakes or trying to understand how some components like a GPS module or an RF module work. His next big goal will be an ENIGMA encrypting machine model, which is a big challenge for him because it’s necessary to figure out how to run 4 displays, 30 buttons, 3 rotary encoders and 26 diodes using a single microcontroller. 

Edgars Vēzis, robot builder/servicer. Edgars is the last year student (9th grade) of the French Lyceum Elementary School in Riga. His favorite subjects in school are mathematics and physics. Since childhood, he has been very interested in how different things work and has tried to break them to create new ones. He is a member of the electronics and robotics club at the Centre for Creative Learning “Annas 2”. 

The goal which he tries to achieve is to make things which are fun to use and are useful in everyday life. The main obstacle for him is that he really likes to finish projects as quickly as possible and as a result he sometimes makes mistakes because of his impatience. In the future he intends to study engineering to further become an inventor. 

Kalvis Rautseps, driver. He has been doing electronics for about five years. “I became interested in electronics because I have always been a very technical person. Physics, chemistry and math have always been easy for me” he said. He’s also interested in robotics because he thinks it will be very important in the future. Riding BMX and DIY speaker building are his two favorite free time activities. His interest with building stuff started when he got his first lego kit. His interest with robotics started when he was 8 years old and got an NXT 2.0 for his birthday. He would like to be an engineer. His goal is to own a successful business.

Richard Remess, programmer. Richard is a 9th grade student from Latvia. He loves electronics and robotics. He has attended an electronics club for many years. He loves electric vehicles (has made his own e-bike) and he designed and manufactured his own power bank that performs better than common commercial ones. In the future he wants to go to a university to learn even more electronics. His goal is to finish university and further develop his electronics and engineering skills. He wants to research new theories in electronics, but the main difficulty is that he can’t go to the university and start learning because he is not yet old enough, although he already knows the basic knowledge that is needed in the university.

Jēkabs Žagata: I am 14 years old and I became interested in electronics, when I was 8. I really like mechanical builds and soldering circuits. In my free time I like to skateboard and snowboard. When I was little, I was fascinated by robots. I thought robots will be the future and I want to be connected to that future.