Team Liberia 2018

Benjamin Coleman is a grade 12 learner from Saint Stephen Episcopal High School in the South Eastern Region of Liberia. Benjamin is the official spokesperson of Team Liberia in this year’s Robotic competition, and he aspires to see the growth of his country in the field of Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics. The new theme for this year’s competition “Energy Impact” especially the use of wind turbines to produce energy, which seems to be a bit difficult for him to understand from the genesis, due to the lack of electricity in most part of Liberia. Benjamin desires to become a Biochemist as a career, and later join the limited professionals in the field of Science in Liberia, His country.   

Michael Sergbeh is a grade 11 learner from Saint Francis Catholic High School in Pleebo City, Maryland County. Michael has retained the position of being the Team Captain once more, after he successfully led Team Liberia to Washington DC without a mentor last year. Michael has been a long-time amicable performer of math and science courses in his high school, despite the lack of good science laboratory in the Liberian school system. Michael is chasing his dream to become a computer engineer, and then improve Liberia technology problems.

Emmanuel Cleyea is a grade 12 learner from the Jasper Grant Memorial United Methodist High School in Pleebo Sodeken District. Emmanuel was part of the Team that participated in Washington DC last year, and will further his membership as a student this year. Emmanuel has travelled a long way to meet with his fellow team members in Monrovia, having spent almost one week due to bad roads. Emmanuel is getting very close to experience a new university life in his country, as he desires to become a civil engineer. Emmanuel has been instrumental in the spread of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics in Liberia, having organized a series of programs, introducing robotics education to many high schools in Pleebo Sodeken district. 

Team Liberia consisting of three players in this year FIRST Global Energy Impact Robotic Competition will be mentored by the William V.S Tubman University Senior Electrical Engineering Student, Redeemer Wonsiah, who arose from the rank of Alternate Mentor when Team Liberia participated in the FIRST Global Inaugural Robotic competition, held in Washington DC last year. These unique team members brought a one year of robotic experiences, and educated many school students in the South Eastern region of Liberia, after their return from Washington DC. Despite the fact that the country is still recovering from 14 years of Civil War, Team Liberia has taken the role of being a pathfinder in the technology of Robotics. Team Liberia currently stands at the world rank of 12 becoming the second highest ranked country on the continent of Africa during the FIRST Global Inaugural Robotic Competition in 2017.