Team Madagascar 2018

Lalaniaina Sahondra RAFIDISON, 15.
I’m in Première S at the Lycée Saint François Xavier, Antanimena. We are all science-minded in my family. I am passionate about cultures and discoveries. I’ve had the chance to visit 3 continents so far. I’m the youngest and the only girl in the team. I’m honored and excited to be the Captain. I’m motivated to help everyone give their best.

Tojonirina Christopher RAKOTONDRAVONY, 18.
I’m from a reconstructed family of 6 siblings. I’m mad about science, languages and music. I play piano since I was 5. I got my first baccaulauréat in Arts at the age of 13 and my second in Science at 16. I’m now a student in Maths at the Faculty of Sciences. I do part-time volunteer work for the home: “Foyer de Vie” Ambohimanambola. I love other cultures and languages, and I have got basics of Japanese, German and Spanish.

I hacked my own toys and built my own little cars when I was a kid. I’m now a student in Telecom at the ES Polytechnique. I participate in tech events such as hackathons and workshops, as often as I can. I’ve designed a few websites, developed one or two softwares of filesharing and chat, and a mini-game for kids. I’m fascinated by AI and advanced technology.

I love hackers’ things and culture. I’ve always dreamed to be one of those White Hats working to keep technology clean and the world safe. I like to build electronic gadgets in my free time, such as FM emitter-transmitters and intelligent alarm systems. I’m determined to give my best to the team and for the game.

Tokiniaina Jeremia RAKOTONDRASOA, 17.
I’m from the beautiful Diego Suarez, in the North of Madagascar. I am passionate about STEM. I was introduced and got addicted to technology when my best friend showed me a simple smartphone trick, when we were about 11 years old. I am now a student at the ES Polytechnique Antsiranana. I’m proud to be part of the national robotics team, and I’m ready for the gold.

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