Team Mali 2018

Hi! Team Mali would like to take this opportunity to express its excitement for the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge in MEXICO CITY. We are honored to be part of the 2018 cohort of young talented people and passionate about the robotics world. We hope through this program and the skills that we are about develop will help us make our country, Mali, an ever better and more innovated place where people believe in the power of STEM to bring a diverse community together and share the same passion for technology. 

Mariam Berthé (Team Captain):
Hello, my name is Mariam Berthé (team captain), an 18 years old from Bamako Mali. From a very young age I have always loved everything related to electricity and technology. This love drives in me a very strong passion for robotics and that’s why my academic choices were purely towards scientific courses like Mathematics, Physics and chemistry. Since my passion has been getting bigger and bigger, I decided to become an active member of the Google Women Tech Makers of Bamako and took the initiative to handle the leadership of Team Mali as Captain. My passion for robotics is in line with my vision to create innovations. I wish one day to make a meaningful contribution through robotics to positively impact my country’s security system.

Issa Al Ansar (Team Driver):
Hi! I am Issa Al Ansar, 14 years old from Bamako, Mali. Since a very young age, when I used to play with car toys and put on them electrical batteries to try to make it move, I have discovered this passion for the world of electricity and energy. I am planning to become an electrical engineer in the future. I am interested in robotics under the capacity, efficiency and perfectionism of robots in the automatic fulfillment of its spots, I believe that understanding the world of robots at this age will consolidate my passion for technology. The development of technology and science make me hope for a better future. I decided to take the role of Team driver because I believe that it’s not only reminding me of my childhood games but it’s also giving me this sense of responsibility to control and drive for an ever better world. I wish one day to use robots to improve my country’s solar system.

Khaya Albakaye (Team Programmer):
Hello!! My name is Khaya Albakaye and I come from Bamako, Mali. I am interested in science and that’s why I enjoy my physics and mathematics classes so much. This interest in STEM developed my passion for Robotics. I decided to be the team programmer because of my background in computer coding as well my motivation to challenge my knowledge in that field. I believe that I learn more through challenges. My hope for the future is to be a contributor through robotics in the development of technology that will make the world of agriculture much easier for farmers. I wish one day to become an engineer in agronomy in order to positively innovate Mali’s agricultural sector.

Oumar Al Ansar (Team Mentor): 
I am Oumar Al Ansar, and I am Team Mali’s mentor. I am an entrepreneur passionate about innovation and technology. I believe that mentoring and coaching this team of young, talented robot lovers will help me strengthen my knowledge of the technologic world. My entrepreneurship career is directed towards technology and I wish to help this team to succeed, reach their goals and enact meaningfully lead positive change in Mali through robotics.

In conclusion, Team Mali would like to thank FIRST Global for this initiative. We hope to bring all of our enthusiasms for the program and give back to our country through our take away from the competition.  Thank you!!!!