Team Malta 2018

The Maltese FIRST Global Team comprises of three students: Darren, Monique and Aaron. They are for the most part pursuing a Level 4 Advanced Diploma at MCAST in IT. Darren and Monique are studying Software Development while Aaron is reading Computer Systems and Networks. Every one of the three understudies were introduced with FIRST Global through a school subject known as Embedded Systems. 

Aaron is a seventeen-year-old who appreciates trying different things with innovation being it toys, gadgets or embedded systems. One of his most recent school project was a self-driving car model which utilizes a Raspberry Pi and a few sensors to keep away from crash with different items. He trusts that through the FIRST Global Challenge understanding, his team can raise awareness about energy conservation and means to create a sustainable way of acquiring energy, not only in Malta but worldwide.

Monique too is a sixteen-year-old student. She wants to graduate in Artificial Intelligence in the coming years. She is extremely hopeful and strong minded. Monique expresses that through this competition she wishes to address the point of sustainable power source to enhance the state of the Maltese atmosphere and air. She says that through opportunities like FIRST Global she can urge different females to study and seek after a profession in ICT and Robotics. Her leisure activities incorporate watching movies and series, going out with her friends and taking care of her two dogs. 

Darren is a sixteen-year-old student who appreciates singular games. He finds that through swimming he can unwind and stay in shape. He is an extremely decided individual and trusts that cooperation inspires him. He would like to have the capacity to help his group in the most ideal way. His fundamental concern is that in 2018, a few nations still need essential necessities, for example, water and power. Darren wishes to raise more mindfulness about this issue.