Team Montenegro 2018

Hello everyone!

We are team Montenegro and we are so glad that we will be representing our country in FGC! Montenegro is a small country with only 600,000 population, but well-known for its wild beauty! Also Montenegrins are kind, warm-hearted, friendly people and very welcoming. The most popular stereotype about Montenegrins is that we are the laziest people, and there are many funny facts about that. But don’t worry, it’s only a stereotype! Our team is hard-working, well organized, creative, talented and ready to compete in the world of robotics.

Our team consists of 3 members and 2 coaches. Dragan Todorovic, Anto Petrovic and Darko Vukovic are high school students, from different towns, getting together with 3 different hearts to beat as ONE! They are under the supervision of Nina Drakulic and Nikola Bulatovic.

Dragan is 18 years old. He is student of Middle Electrotehnical Vocational School Vaso Aligrudić situated in the center of this beautiful country, in the capital city, Podgorica. Also he is captain of this team and programmer.

Darko and Anto also are 18 years old,and they are students of High Mixed School Mladost from the coast of Montenegro, Tivat.

Nina is 25 years old and she is student of Faculty of Electrical Engineering in Podgorica.

Nikola is 29 years old and he is doing Phd in computer science, also he is teaching assistant in University of Montenegro, Faculty of Electrical Engineering.

This young team is very interested in programming, electronics, artificial intelligence and robotics. On the other hand, they love to travel, share and upgrade knowledge, meet new people and learn about other cultures.

See you in Mexico City! <3

Team Media