Team Namibia 2018

Marko is a grade 12 student at Delta Secondary School Windhoek. He is interested in robotics as it presents a solution to problems, using physical science and mathematics. He hopes to become a researcher in one of the science fields and his favourite subjects are Physical Science and Mathematics. His personal hero is Karin Tamsen, his biology teacher, as she is very understanding and has an answer to almost every question however off topic it may be. She is very wise and disciplined and knows exactly what to say to make a person feel better.  In his spare time, he loves to read and has collected over 350 books of different genres so far. He actively participates in the chess club, poetry club and being the head boy and part of the Learners’ Representative Council (LRC), is very engaged in the school’s community. He loves to solve problems using logic and reason.
Emmanuel is a Grade 12 student and attends Delta Secondary School Windhoek. An interest in the complex coding that goes into robotics is what interests and drives him into wanting to learn and master coding. His favourite subject is Biology and would like to pursue a career in medicine with the implementation of computer.
Emmanuel’s hobbies consist of reading blogs and books on the topic of self-improvement. He equally enjoys exercising, playing soccer, and listening to a wide range of genres from classical to the new age music. He loves new experiences, interacting and helping people as it gives him an odd yet satisfying sensation. Learning new skills and experiencing as much of life is important to him as he believes it helps him grow.
Emmanuel’s personal hero is his mother. Her life story and hardships motivated him to work every day and reminds him of how privileged he is. His mom’s life is one of a rag to riches story with the end being her trying to educate and help her entire family to overcome poverty. His mom’s life has definitely been a rough journey and yet she stood strong. This motivates him to want to make it in life, make her proud and be able to help people.
Thelma Mackinza is currently a Grade 12 scholar at Delta Secondary School Windhoek (DSSW). She aspires to become a surgeon and believes technology can make surgery much easier and may help voluminous people globally. During her spare time, Thelma participates in numerous extra-curricular activities such as the school choir, debating, the History Society, playing hockey and Model United Nations. At home, she enjoys reading, doing research on principles and theory, spending time with her family and sleeping. On a monthly basis, Thelma job shadows at the local public hospital under the supervision of Dr. T A J Conceicao. Her favorite subjects are biology and computer studies. She aspires to personate Dr. Miranda Bailey in Greys Anatomy. This is due to her love for surgery. Something that immediately makes Thelma stand out is her ability to balance her life. Thelma is the only scholar in DSSW with seven higher level subjects.
Jens Griebel is a scholar at Delta Secondary School Windhoek. Jens’ has its strengths in Design & Technology, Mathematics and Physics. He enjoys reading, gaming, and painting and considers himself well informed in photography. Since he has was a young boy, Jens passionately enjoyed working with electronics, including commercial electronics (like smartphones, TVs, Microcomputers etc.) and circuitry (homemade devices and Logic circuits), computers and, and designing and solving “every-day” problems. Though he is unsure about his future plans, he considers Bio Medical and Electrical Engineering as his coming fields of studies.
Tamlyn Robson is a grade 12 student at Delta Secondary School Windhoek. She is interested in the robotics challenge because she feels it would be an excellent challenge and experience for her. During her spare time she enjoys reading books, jogging and roller-blading. Her favourite subject is mathematics because she enjoys problem solving. She feels that she is unique in the way that she stays focused on tasks at hand. She is a well-organized person and does everything to the best of my ability.