Team Netherlands 2018

Team Netherlands is composed of the youngest students of FIRST Robotics Competition team 5412, Impossible Robotics. This FRC team is the second native FRC team in the Netherlands. Impossible Robotics started as an FLL team in the Food Factor season back in 2011 and reached the FLL World Invitational in Florida in May 2012. We won 1st Place Award for Inspiration and got inspired ourselves. We progressed to an FRC team in its fourth season involving students from seven schools from the whole Northern part of our country.

We are grateful for the opportunity to represent the Netherlands for the second time at the FIRST Global Challenge. At the moment we participate in a program to create a National edition of the FIRST Global Challenge where we can use our experience to inspire others. This program will also be adapted for an official Middle School program.

Our main goal is to inspire our Nation’s youth to participate in STEM and to be passionate and creative.

Pieter: Hi, I’m Pieter Venderbos and I’m 17 years old. I became a part of the FIRST community in 2014, during the FLL World Class season. I competed in the FLL from 2014-2016 and got to represent the Benelux at the World Festival during the Trash Trek season. After that I was asked to join Impossible Robotics together with the rest of my team. My FRC experience started in the Steamworks season and continued during the Power Up season. Last year I went to Washington D.C. to participate in the first edition of the FIRST Global Challenge. This was an amazing experience, not only did I learn a lot, but I also got to meet so many great people and make a lot of friends. I’m really excited to participate again and I hope to see everyone in Mexico!

Lars: Hi, my name is Lars and I am 17 years old. My first experience in FIRST was with the team JustNormal in the FLL. With that team I went to the World Festival in St. Louis. There I saw that FIRST is much more than robotics. So when I got an invitation to join Impossible Robotics I was very happy. My FRC experience started in the Steamworks season. I am now a Student and I focus on mechanics and making other people enthusiastic for STEM. This year I will participate in the FIRST Global Challenge and I’m thrilled to meet the teams from the rest of the world. I hope to see you soon so we can Challenge the Impossible together. 

Stefan: Hi, my name is Stefan Sijbesma and I am 16 years old. FIRST began for me with FLL. After FLL I was asked if I wanted to join Impossible Robotics and of course I wanted to join, that was in November 2016. The first FRC season for me was Steamworks and I learned a lot of things and I found out that I really liked programming. After Steamworks I was invited to participate in FGC 2017, where I learned a lot of new things about programming, I made a lot of new friends around the whole world and of course had a lot of fun. I hope that this FGC season is as good as last year because last year was Awesome! I also wish all the other FGC teams good luck!

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