Team New Zealand 2018

Kai-phoenix Freeborn | Programmer/Technician/Designer
I am a Year Thirteen student at Buller High School. I am a well rounded person and enjoy sports, arts and academics. Traveling the world is a dream come true for me, especially since it provides an opportunity to enjoy other cultures and to practice my Spanish, which I study as a second language. I have greatly enjoyed my time spent with the robotics club designing, coding and building the many robots used at national level competition. Joining the Buller robotics club has allowed me to get hands on experience with all aspects of the technology, from design and building to coding and wiring I have enjoyed the many challenges presented by the robotics profession.

Laiza Abellanosa | Human Player
I am a Year Thirteen Prefect at Buller High School. The school’s Robotics club drew me in as it was out of my comfort zone and into the world of technology. The club not only revolves around coding, but includes design, marketing, administration etc. A perfect transition to my future career. I aspire to study Law in Victoria University, as I find the workings of the law to maintain equity in society as important. I enjoy gaming, newfound information and the basics of digital technology. My favourite subject is Art History as it focuses on the meaning beyond just the artwork and into the details of its intricate history. I’m involved in many extra-curricular activities to broaden my knowledge from just academics and into the wider world.

Jazper Hamilton | Programmer/Designer
I am a Year Thirteen student at Buller High School. I’m interested in Robotics because it is a group of similarly minded people to share experiences with. I hope to be accepted into Auckland University to study Computer Science. I like to play computer games and tinker with electronics and software in my spare time. My favorite non-science subject is Digital Technology and my favorite science-based subject is Biology.

Tamsin Schrader | Team Captain
I am a Year 13 prefect at Buller High School, Westport with the privilege of being Pūmanawa 2018. Pūmanawa is a leadership role given to a senior student whose duty is to maintain the importance of Maori culture (native to New Zealand) within the student community at Buller High School. Robotics proved a good opportunity to me when I had an interest in engineering, but am now involved with Robotics to prove that technology can appeal to a wide range of audiences. In doing this she does wish to see the world of Robotics have an increased involvement of those with Polynesian background.


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