Team Nicaragua 2018

Hillary Daniela Chévez Lacayo
Hillary is from the community of Ostional (Southern Nicaragua) in San Juan del Sur, Rivas, Nicaragua. She is 15 years old and in her fourth-year of secondary school at Francisca Hernández Espinoza School in my community. Her favorite class is English. The subject of robotics is new to her and she is very excited to learn about it and to apply the skills that she learns throughout the project to address environmental conservation issues in Nicaragua and to be able to teach other students in her community about robotics and STEM. In her spare time she likes to paint and work with local conservationists in her community, known as the Junior Ranger team. She likes everything to do with the conservation of the planet and in the future she would like to work in the conservation area as a profession. She is very excited to participate in this project and hopes to make a good contribution to the team.

Jansa Lovo Victor
Victor hopes to become a marine biologist and to integrate the use of robotics to help protect the living environment and the thousands of species that depend on the marine environment. In his free time Victor likes to draw and investigate about mechanics. He also loves to watch baseball and the animal planet. His favorite classes at school are English, mathematics and physics. One of the people that he admires most is Albert Einsten because he is one of the most famous and admired characters in the history of science. One of the things that makes him unique is his determination to do the things that he likes and that makes him happy. Victor is grateful to FIRST Global for allowing him to participate in the convention of Robotics. He is committed to giving 100% to make his team succeed in the project.

Elis Rodriguez
Elis wants to be an architect and use his new knowledge of robotics to solve economic, social and environmental problems in Nicaragua to help eradicate poverty. In his free time he likes to try and put together the well-known game of the RUBIK’S CUBE. His favorite class is mathematics and physics. One of the people that he admires the most is Ruben Dario who was a poet and the main founder of modernism and prince of the Castilian letters. He admires him for his intelligence and his literary works. Elis is unique in his confidence to public speaking and his interest in moving forward regardless of the obstacles that arise in life. If he makes mistakes he will learn and become stronger from them. Elis wants to thank FIRST Global and express that this is a dream to be part of a great project for the first time as big as the robotics is. He is committed to take advantage of the opportunity and to be a great support for his team.

Karely Hernandez
Karely is very interested in robotics because she is interested in learning and knowing step by step how to build a robot so she can apply what she learns to other areas of her life. She believes youth have to take advantage of these wonderful and unexpected opportunities that life brings. In the future, she hopes to share what she learns and about the field of robotics to her peers so that they can all take advantage of the many things that robotics can help to improve in their communities. Karely loves to read and spend time with her friends. The person she admires most is Denis Martinez, a famous basketball star who inspires many people. Karely feels she is unique because from the moment she was born she has always been very positive in life and there when her friends and family need her. She wants FIRST Global to know that she is very excited to participate in the robotics convention. She is committed to taking full advantage of the opportunity
and being a strong team member.

Lether Espinoza
Letter hopes to study in the field of medicine so that she can help others. She also really enjoys the field of graphic design. She is very interested in the field of robotics since it allows one to study and see the perspective of the internal design and mechanized parts of the body. She believes this knowledge is very powerful as it allows for the development of new technology and the creation of new and better innovations to help disabled people. Her favorite classes are natural sciences and mathematics. In her free time, she likes to reed and listen to music. One of my heroes is Min Yoon because despite everyone opposing his dreams he did not give up. Lether is very excited to participate as a team member in the project and looks forward to giving her best to the project and her team mates.