Team Nigeria 2018

“Every person in a team is a vector. The progress of the team is determined by the sum of all the vectors”– Elon Musk.

Team Nigeria has not failed to recognize the essence of this quote. As such, our team is comprised of innovative, resourceful, proactive, independent, smart, creative and inventive leaders that come from different backgrounds but are all connected through the passion that drives us; that is our passion for STEM. This fuels us on the journey to achieving our ultimate goal. A combination of 15 members comprising of students, coaches and mentors, Team Nigeria displays an impressive capability of problem solving and creative innovation. The word that best describes us is DYNAMIC. We are full of energy and new ideas, which would help us to progress in the competition and in our everyday life.

FIRST ( For Inspiration and Recognition of Science and Technology) Global, an organisation which appreciates STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) and will like to foster and nurture its growth in the world, is the reason for which we have all come together. Started in 2017, they organized a global competition in which many nations of the world gather together to take part in a competition while also simultaneously learning values like Gracious Professionalism and Co-opertition. This challenge is a great opportunity for Team Nigeria as we learn very important lessons from the experience; lessons we will carry with us and use in our everyday lives.

What is our ultimate goal? For reasons beyond our control, Nigeria has for long been associated with negatives. The good has been foreshadowed by the bad. We want to represent our country and improve its image showing forth its outstanding qualities, its unity in diversity, its unforeseen creativity and making a permanent mark in the Technological field. We dream of a Nigeria where there is a sense of cooperation, a time where every citizen of our nation has a standard knowledge of what STEM is and how it can be used to develop our nation at large, a time where we can work together with other nations to make decisions on issues that affect or will affect us and find a way to solve these problems. We are dreamers of the day and so we have begun to act out our dreams.

Our Journey to Mexico has not been an easy one. We thought we knew what we signed up for, but no amount of knowledge could have prepared us for the sacrifices we have to make. We’ve encountered challenges, obstacles and problems, but these have not deterred us from what we have to do. One major problem has been in the course of building. We spend a lot of time building and taking down what we build. We have now learned that before we start building we must have a definite plan as it makes our work easier. This has been a great part of the growth process that we can apply to every stage of our lives; we will endeavor to have a plan before we commence a project. We studied our problems, we defined them and we found solutions to these problems We see every challenge as an opportunity to have fun, learn and bond with one another. We realize that when one wins, all win, we have made friends; friends that will remain with us for the rest of our lives. We have memories that we will carry with us because this journey will not be easily forgotten.

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