Team Oman 2018

Team Oman is comprised of four students from different schools. 2 members are 16 years old and the others are 15.

Malaak Al-kindi
With her passion for technology, she had always wanted to know more about robotics. Malaak finally got her chance 5 years ago when she participated in the WRO and got the opportunity to go to Russia. Her future goals are to be an Ethical Hacker and to have her own studio since she likes playing the guitar. It’s true that this is her first time participating in the FIRST GLOBAL but she is really excited and looking forward to going through a new experience, learn from others and make new friends 🙂 .

Abdelrahman Ali
He is a programmer and he has a huge passion for programming and robotics. He has got the chance to participate in IOI-Mini, ACM OCPC, and ACM-ACPC for problem-solving. In addition, he participated in other competitions related to robotics. His dream is to be a software engineer because he believes that the programmer is able to change the world.

Ritaj AlBusaidy
Ritaj is interested in robotics because it connects math, physics, and real-life application. Robotics is the future and that is another reason that she wants to be involved with it. Her goal is to use her knowledge experience and networks to impact the world positively. She feels honored to be amongst the brightest students from over 157 countries.

AlHawari AL-Sinani
I have been always interested in Robotics world as it is the new technology revolution. The 4IRis now aiming into this field. I started learning Robotics programming 4 years ago. I had the opportunity to share my experience and learn more about robotics by participating in 3 competitions and 3 training courses sponsored by ITA located in Oman. Now I am 15 years old and I am looking forward to learning more so that I become a Mechatronics engineer.

Technology, in general, is an interesting and challenging subject for our team, especially robotics. Our team members all share a passion for robotics, innovation, technology, and STEAM.
We can’t wait to meet all the teams in Mexico City.

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