Team Pakistan 2018

Team Pakistan for FGC 2018 consists of 3 students: Ozair Ahmad Qureshi, Hamza Saeed Malik & Shaarif Ali, and their manager Mr Amir Rauf and their trainer Mr Zain ul Hassan, all from a renowned boarding institute of the country named Cadet College Hasan Abdal. Our students are called “Abdalians” and that’s why we have named our team the “Abdalians”.

Our team has been working together on different robotic projects for the last two years and has won a number of competitions at the National Level. Due to this very fact, Lets Innovate- FGC Partners in Pakistan, considering our performance, has selected us to represent Pakistan at FGC 2018. We are geared up to experience a very exciting and healthy competition in Mexico this year.

Besides competing with all the teams, we are looking forward to meeting so many people and learning a lot from all of them. We expect it will enhance and promote STEM culture all around the world, through which we expect to learn beyond the classroom.

Our team is also excited to have a lot of fun at Mexico, as it is going to be our first experience to cross the boundaries and see the outside world. We wish our success stories to go beyond Pakistan reach the world standards.

When it comes to take part in such a big event, we want to tell the world that: “We are united, we are one We are Abdalians, 2nd to None”