Team Papua New Guinea 2018

Hello! We are team Papua New Guinea and we are glad to be participating in FIRST Global Challenge and to be ambassadors of our beautiful country. We are a team of five enthusiastic science students. 

Papua New Guinea lies north of Australia and sharing our borders (sea) with both Australia and Indonesia and other small pacific island countries. We are unique because we have 832 living languages that are spoken by different tribal groups. This makes our country the most linguistically diverse place on earth.

Stephanie Wakma (team leader & builder)
My name is Stephanie Wakma and I am a year 12 science student at Lae Secondary School. I am excited to be a pioneer in this program promoting STEM. Coming from a country that is not really exposed to the field of robotics, I hope to gain a vast knowledge and experience from this event. In the future, I am going to be an advocate for my peers and promote the STEM subjects in schools.

Emerald Pipingan (builder)
My name is Emerald Pipingan and I am 17 years old. I am a year 12 science student at Lae Secondary School and I love finding out about how things work and the way they function. Science has always impassioned me and I love how technology positively influences the world. I am grateful for this opportunity given by FIRST Global and hope that I will be able to become a very important asset to my country and be able to influence younger generation to aspire for excellence and be better leaders. To me the future is a bit of a blur but I believe one can achieve excellence by doing their best and trusting God.

Dino Kara (driver)
My name is Dino Kara and I am a year 12 science student of Lae Secondary School. I enjoy learning new things in order to better myself so that I can be a good citizen to my country and a good role model for others. 

Gideon Sugoho (Master Builder)
My name is Gideon Sugoho and I am a year 12 science student at Lae Secondary School. I am 17 years old and I am a computer geek. I love messing around with computers and other electronic devices. I get really excited working with and repairing electronics and mechanical stuff. 

Marlon Giok (programmer)
My name is Marlon Giok and I am a year 12 science student at Lae Secondary School. I love dismantling machines and putting them back together and I have been doing this from a very young age. I have a passion for computers, especially in programming because I love the idea of instructing machines to perform certain tasks assigned to them. I always like to find out how exactly machines of different types work and the way they do. 

We are very excited about this trip and to be part of science students promoting STEM globally. We hope the type of events like the FIRST Global Challenge can empower youths to pursue their dreams and reach greater heights in science education. We also believe that our participation in the FIRST Global Challenge will be an eye opener for science students in our country.