Team Paraguay 2018

CEL robotics Makers

Coming from Centro Educativos Los Laureles School, Asuncion-Paraguay, Team Paraguay is composed of 7 members; 5 talented Students and 2 professional teachers whose passions are directly building robots to make opportunities around our Paraguay community.

Youth Talented students:
Alejandro Molinas: Team Captain whose leadership brings trustful, confidence and determined decisions for accomplishing goals and challenges with responsibility and collaborative from his own ideas to the team.
Ethan Jara: Simple but smart guy, considered like a Tech-Dancer when he’s programming codes. He’s the best supportive person that a team might have.
Lucas Yakusic: From the beginning of his STEAM Skills, Lucas has got many things to show around the world how to build robots to work. Great robot builder indeed.
Alejandro Florentin: Also known as Floren, the most fellowship member of the team. When he has got the chance to work in coding, he takes it and does his best as always.
Mauricio Alborno: Alias Mauri the mechanical. Considered also one of the best builder robots from the team with an interesting engineering skill and a robotics passion when he’s ready for the action in buildings.

Our Mission in the FIRST Global Challenge is having a great experience building robots, making leadership and co-working with others foreign countries and of course win the challenge.

We are proud for representing our Paraguay country, showing who we are and what we stand for the STEAM in our people. Robotics and Computer Programming have been our passion for making technology and overall have fun doing what we love.

We got started building the FIRST Global Robot, and the Teamwork was fantastic when we created our own ideas, then building every mechanism in the robot (every detail) and finally share our experience to our Paraguay community and around the world.

Our experiences in computer Programming are the greatest skill what we have because the Programmer mentor prof. José Avalos and some of our students had been participating the Microsoft competition in Computer Programming application (Software application). Our Mechatronic Mentor Univ. Yan Bajac has been also participating in some national robot sumo competition and the last FIRST robotics Competition FRC as a mentor with the team 6982 considered the most active volunteering and robot maker in national and international events in Paraguay promoting STEAM in develop new technology for helping people.

We wish meeting new friends in the FIRST Global Challenge and we also want to show our skill technically through our robot just for showing our Paraguay skills are present to the challenge and finally give our own ENERGY IMPACT for having a great experience with the rest of our friendly world. We hope to see you my friends soon!

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