Team Philippines 2018

UNISON, the team name, is a start-up initiative based in the Philippines. We are a social enterprise that launches and manages innovative projects geared towards the Sustainable Development Goals. The CEO and co-founder, Earlrich Nerre R. Ibon, and its creative director, Jouvann S. Oliva, will be partnering with the CEO of Blue Entity Technologies, Paul Vincent Magbojos, for the entirety of the competition. Blue Entity is an IT tech-based startup that offers a wide array of services utilizing automation and deep learning. UNISON and Blue Entity’s collaboration is the culmination of the capabilities and potential of the drive within Filipino youth and their goal to make the world a better place. We also have our mentor and company adviser, Mr. Paulo Luis T. Lozano, who’s supported each of our initiatives and aspirations.

Together, we are a group of young individuals whose main goal is to learn more about robotics and energy in order to apply them into our world-changing projects and services respectively. Since our goals are anchored to alleviating problems like poverty, hunger, energy-shortage and more, we are determined to put our best foot forward to derive the best possible output. Additionally, we want to represent the Filipino youth that are driven with determination and love for their country and countrymen. We want to ultimately make the world a better place in order for each person in the global community to have a quality life. Through this competition, we are going to take one step closer towards our goals and dreams for ourselves, our country, and most especially, the world. Because as our tagline states, “Solving the SDGs one step at a time. We move in UNISON.”

Energy Situation
According to Department of Energy of the Philippines (2017), the nation is under a great energy crisis. There are a lot of parts of the archipelago that are experiencing blackouts due to the shortage of supply of energy in power stations. However, the government is making new laws to remedy this crisis through the Energy Crisis Act. This aims to create a reservoir of energy. As of this moment, even though the efforts of the government are good, there are still areas that do not have a consistent energy supply.

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