Team Poland 2018

The true wealth is not how much your work will earn you money, but who it will make you. There are four of us, young and extremely ambitious students and two mentors from various secondary schools in Kraśnik district, Poland supported by one Polish born student from the USA. Sometimes it is hard to work together, we get mad at each other, we are nervous. Other times we cannot stop laughing. We are accustomed to hard work, we spend more and more hours improving our robots and other projects. We try to work as one complex organism. One group. One family. 

Maybe we do not have much experience, but we have passion. We are young people who are wholeheartedly engaged in our work. It is our way of life. Our experiences with robotics date back to 2016, when we first participated in the FRC competition. It was big step for us and our small community. Since this time we discovered our destiny.

Participation in FIRST Global is an excellent opportunity for us to learn how to cooperate and use the gains of science in practice. FIRST is the best option to learn things that are not available anywhere else and practice them. It is an excellent way to show that it does not matter what divides us, where we are and what are our roots. It matters what unites us. Passion, involvement. Robotics. We would like to show that robots have no borders. Each of us alone can develop his talent to perfection.

This competition is the best way to show us, the young and passionate kids, and other students all around the world that nothing is impossible. Building a robot has completely changed our lives. It was the time when we became adults and learnt about the real life. We transformed into people with passions and plans for the future. And now we are making this future our reality.

Here we are. Seven different people, seven personalities, seven temperaments. We complement each other and it is the best we can do for ourselves to be better every single day. 

Members of Team Poland

A secondary school student who, during her free time, enjoys riding bicycle and cooking. Robotics became a part of her life quite recently but she loved it since the very beginning. She believes that in the future mechanics and practical electricity will not have any secrets for her.

The youngest member of Team Poland but he has already proven he is capable of being responsible. He is constantly improving his skills related to practical electricity but through FIRST he has also learnt how to creative and cooperative. Thanks to robotics he can work in a diverse team that shares his interests and is part of something important. He says that FIRST is the greatest adventure in his live. 

Born in the USA, he is a son of Polish NASA engineer. He inherited his father passion towards engineering and STEM. Thanks to his fluency in English he quickly became the spokesman of Team Poland. Even though his young age, he has already shown that he is a valuable asset to the team.

The moment she joined the team she knew what she wants to do in the future – a computer programmer. She learns a lot on her own improving her skills every day. In the spare time, she also plays the guitar and draws. The team gave her a lot of valuable experience and friends. Thanks to FIRST she can meet many wonderful people and experience different cultures from all around the world.

A secondary school student who really loves baking – cakes and cookies are her speciality. She is also interested in the art of the Romantic era and the culture of ancient Rome and Greece. Dreamer and visionary who has fallen in love in good books and French movies.

She always emphasises the role of FIRST in breaking down barriers and stereotypes. What she loves the most, is that FGC makes the dreams of ordinary children a reality.

Our mentor who teaches and reminds us that every day we shape our future, that education is the passport to better life but in all that we should never stop dreaming. English teacher with extensive knowledge of different cultures – his help is invaluable in our travels. Enthusiast and big fan of unicorns and science-fiction literature. For him, FIRST is a chance to influence and change the world through us – the youth.

At first glance, he is a man like many others, but appearances can be deceiving. An unusual man in usual reality. Mentor of one and only FRC team in Poland, teacher and the best life coach. In addition to robotics, he is a talented musician and bass player in his own band. Connoisseur of good music and good food. He says that for him FIRST Global is an opportunity to gain new knowledge and experience which he can share with the future generations of Polish students.