Team Portugal 2018

We are the PTRobotics Team representing Portugal.

Ricardo Almeida (Team Captain) – I’m interested in robotics because it connects a lot of school subjects with real life application.  Another reason that I want to be involved in Robotics is because this is the future. In the future, I want to be a programmer, and Robotics will help me to increase my skills. In my free time, I play video games, watch anime, program and read.

Pedro Ladeira (Programmer) – I’m interested in robotics because I hope to learn how to program and learn anything else that can help me in the future. In the future, I hope to be a programmer, a game programmer, to be more specific. In my spare time I play on the computer. My favorite subjects, due to what I hope to achieve in the future, are games and programming.

Diogo Nabais (Programmer) – I’m interested in Robotics because it’s something that fascinates me and will have a great utility in future. For the future, I hope to develop technology so that people can live many more years, and I hope that I can do something for that. Something unique in me is the way that I can see the problems, I never give up of my dreams and I only stop when I can reach it.

Rúben Ferreira (Driver) I’m new in the Robotics Club but I’m very interested because I know that this project can increase my programming knowledge. I hope that in my future I will be able to work at a hardware company or store and join a firefighter’s station. In my spare times, I play video games and mostly listen to music. – I would like to FIRST Global know that I’m a shy boy but comical, and I love to experiment with new things.

Armando Rodrigues (Driver) – I’m interested in robotics because in addition to gaining knowledge for my classes, I have fun figuring things out. My hopes for the future are to be a robot designer. In my free time I like to listen to music or watch movies.

Núria Paulitos (Public Relations) and Catarina Sousa (Team Designer) – We’ve joined Robotics because it’s fun. Our studies are a little different from this subject, but robotics fascinates us because it solves a lot of daily problems. Our dreams are to continue studying and start working in our areas.

Energy Situation

In Portugal, we take energy very seriously. In 2001, the Portuguese government launched a new energy policy instrument, consisting of a set of multiple, diversified measures aimed at promoting a consistent, integrated approach to energy supply and demand. By promoting energy efficiency and the use of renewable energy (endogenous) sources, the programme sought to upgrade the competitiveness of the Portuguese economy and to modernize the country’s social fabric, while preserving the environment by reducing gas emissions, especially carbon dioxide.

During February 2016, an equivalent to 95% of electricity consumed in Portugal was produced by renewable sources such as biomass, hydropower, wind power and solar power. A total of 4139 GWh was produced by these sources. In May 2016, all of Portugal’s electricity was produced renewably for a period of over four days.

The sources of the renewable energy that was produced in Portugal in 2017 were Wind power with 21.6%, Hydro power with 13.3%, Bioenergy with 5.1%, Solar power with 1.6%, Geothermal energy with 0.4% and a small amount of Wave power in the Azores. 24% of the energy produced in the Azores is geothermal.

Portugal committed to close all of the country’s coal producing facilities by 2030, making it almost completely reliant on renewable energy in the coming years.

For PTRobotis Team, this subject is very important and we respect it a lot, because what is at stake is the sustainability of our planet.

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