Team Qatar 2018

One of the new teams joining FIRST Global for the first time this year. Six students from five different nationalities have been selected to represent the beloved country; Qatar. We are hard workers, fast learners, and passionate to compete to gain experience and make new friends from different countries.

If you don’t know Qatar yet, it is the country that is hosting the 2022 FIFA World Cup!! Qatar is one of the fastest developing countries in the world and it is a home to 80+ nationalities.

Our friends from all over the world, please approach us for fun and discussion. We believe that we can exchange learning and fun experiences. When you see Qatar flag, you are within the ultimate friendly and hospitality territory. We are waiting for you all! See you in MEXICO….GO QATAR!

Naji Assaf (Captain and Driver)
I am from Palestine but born in Qatar. I am 14 Years old. I am interested in robotics because it was just a thing I was interested about when I was young, but I never really expected myself to be building a robot. For the future my hopes are to get a job for electrical and electronics engineering. In my spare time my favorite thing to do is to separate things that I have and put them back together or construct another thing with the pieces. My favorite subject for last school year was Robotics. We would build robots using different kits. We have built a Robotic Arm, mini Industrial city and many more. I am usually the type of person to keep trying, and if I have failed I would be happy because I would have tried my hardest and my best. The most fun part is when I work within a team.

Ramy Aldabbagh (Programmer)
My Name is Ramy, and I am a 15-year-old engineering student from the school Michel E. Debakey. I am interested in robotics, because of how complex it could be. I like to work hard, and what I really like is a good challenge. My hopes for the future is to be a successful engineer and to have an impact or a change on Earth for the good. Some of my hobbies are to play video games, swimming, and I like to read books. I also like to stay social and meet people from other countries through gaming and other means of online communication. Personally, I try to stay up-to-date with most of the new technology, and this mentality was shaped by the way I study and by my school.

Michel E. Debakey is a great school with amazing teachers, and diverse tracks and lessons. My favorite subjects are Math, Robotics, Engineering, and science. These are the lessons that shape how I look around me. Between all my friends, I could say that I am the most knowledgeable of newer technology and being very up-to-date with new discoveries and technology is the most unique thing about me. As a last note, I want FIRST Global to know that I am ready for this challenge and this also covers my teammates in this challenge.

Fatima N (Spokesperson and Builder)
I graduated from rabaa aladawiya school this year and I will be joining Texas A&M University this year to be a mechanical engineer. I am curious about robotics because robotics is a key to world development. We can change the whole world through robotics . We can make things easier by robotics and we can create a completely perfect robot that does not make mistakes as humans do. I want to develop the world by using robots to clean the world from any mistakes. My favorite subject is physics. Every person has something special and unique ability and if you believe that you are special and try hard to develop your special ability than you will be special at it. And I think I do have unique things about me, one thing that is I am very confident person when I know I can do it. I do not give up easily, I am a persistent person. Also I believe that I can turn my imagination true through robotics to create the impossible. And I want FIRST Global to know that it is our pleasure to be a part of this challenge and we are going to do our best and learn new things about robotics.

Sara Salih (Builder and Driver)
Sara is a senior student in Albayan secondary school in Qatar. She wishes to be a heart surgeon in the future. She has admired robotics since childhood. She has participated in 2 competitions related to robots. The reason why she has an interest in robotics is that it enriches the brain and challenges yourself to think out of the range, besides the fact that it is an amusing field. Sara is a person who likes to learn and that is one of her favorite hobbies especially in her free time. For instance, 2 years ago in the summer vacation, she planned to learn a language, currently she is learning Korean language “Hangul” and she already know how to write and read “Hangul”. Sara also invented a device for seizure patients as they are not treated immediately and this could lead to a lot of risks such as: the death of brain cells, brain attacks and finally to death. So she decided to invent this device in order to help these patients. Thus, she always searches for different activities and hobbies to spend her time as it enriches my brain. Another thing that Sara likes is playing piano; she has already mastered some classical songs. Sara’s favorite subjects are biology and physics. The thing that she thinks is unique about her is her fast reaction.

Ali Mohamed (Builder and Programmer)
I love robotics because being able to work on a robot and planning out all its interactions between the sensors, servos and motors and seeing them working together in addition to witnessing all the plans that you thought up come alive is an amazing feeling, and it’s what makes robotics special to me. I enjoy art and design technology in school and I think I’m unique since I’m interested in biomechanical engineering, which not many people consider at my age. I’m also the youngest member in my team. I aspire to work as a mechatronics engineer.

Fatima B (Builder)
I am interested in Robotics because it is a new field for me. It is a challenging area of technology and information. My goal is to support my country by introducing robotics technology in many aspects of our life. Technology that needs to make our life easier and save financial costs. I hope to contribute as an active member in achieving Qatar’s vision and strategy 2030. In the past, I was involved in designing a DRM Device to detect and remove mines. My team won the first prize in Qatar National Sanea competition for technology. Through robotics, I want to contribute to the development of technology in my country.

Dr. Mohamed Gharib (Mentor and Coach)
I am a Research Scientist and STEM instructor at Texas A&M University at Qatar. I earned my B.Sc. and M.Sc. degrees in Aerospace Engineering from Cairo University. My doctorate degree is in Mechanical Engineering from the Southern Methodist University of California, Dallas, Texas, USA.

I have wide experience in conducting scientific research and teaching at different levels in the fields of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, Robotics, and STEM education. I am the author and co-author of more than 23 peer reviewed publications on various issues in engineering.

I am fortunate to lead Qatar Team for the second time in a world class robotics competition as FIRST Global. Robotics is the topic where I merge all my experience and transfer the knowledge through STEM projects to the students. In each course I teach and with each team I coach, I gain new knowledge and motive to learn more. The source of this knowledge is my amazing students.