Team Republic of the Congo 2018

Hello! We are Team Republic of the Congo from Brazzaville and we are glad to be participating in the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge for the first time, and happy to represent our nation at that international Competition. We are a team of four talented members coming together sharing our passion for STEM.

Our country the Republic of Congo is an amazing country, with a great culture and beautiful nature. We greet all our friends around the world in FGC. We are happy that this opportunity is using science and robotics to cross geopolitical borders and have international youth come together to sing a song of friendship.

Debora MOUANDA (captain and builder)
My name is Debora, I’m 17, and I’m very excited to be the first lady from the Republic of the Congo participating to the FIRST Global Challenge. I’ve been interested in the sciences and robotics field since starting high school. I love building and facing cases that ask you to find the right solution. I am actually going to our Science and Technical National School (ENSP) in our Marien NGOUABI University. Participating to the FIRST Global Challenge will be an amazing experience for meeting scientists from around the world. As the captain of the team, I will lead my team to overcome more challenges during the competition.

Darnel MBENZE (driver and programmer)
My name is Darnel I’m 18 years old and I started my robotics experience as a child building the smallest robots with toys. When I started going to school I was interesting by computer science and programming. I am very happy to be part of this unique experience, which will help me to improve my knowledge in robotics and probably be able to bring back an exciting motivation for all the students of my country.

Jerome TSOUROU BOUSSA (spokesperson and builder)
My name is Jerome and I’m 17 years old. I love robotics and sciences and that’s why I am very delighted to be part of the national team participating to the FIRST Global Challenge for our first time in Mexico 2018. I am the spokesperson of the team and I do already realize how it will be very great to meet other young and talented people from around the world passionate about robotics.

Franck NGUIMBI MBENZE (mentor)
I’m Franck NGUIMBI MBENZE and I’m the team’s mentor. I’m 34 and demonstrated a passion for science and technologies when growing up. I am confident that sciences and robotics can improve the development of our country through opportunities like the FIRST Global Challenge so we can learn more. I help the team to build an amazing robot that could be able to accomplish many tasks.

We wish our participation in FIRST global will be more than a competition. We wish to be creating an easier pathway to STEM for all the other students in our country. We also hope events like the FIRST Global Challenge will help us in bringing people around the world together and build a global family.