Team Russia 2018

Hello World!

No one can object to the fact that the future is in the hands of the younger generation, jointly solving the most important engineering problems of mankind. And we, the envoys of Russia, are grateful for the opportunity to take part in this global youth project 2018, which will soon be completed in Mexico City. Inspired by the ideas of Dean Kamen, the founder of FIRST, we will try to contribute to the design and development of new technologies under the slogan “the future is in our transformations”. We will be helped by optimism and a desire to represent our homeland with dignity.

Each member of our team is happy to participate in this wonderful program, which is aimed at solving one of the common planetary problems – providing cheap renewable energy! We also represent the “Young peacekeepers movement of Russia”, whose activities contribute to the expansion of young people’s knowledge necessary to ensure peace and solve environmental problems. The use of different languages allows us to communicate and collaborate with passionate colleagues from around the world in the development of STEM education, in solving national engineering and scientific problems. As Henry Ford said, “Getting together is the beginning, being together is progress, working together is success”.

Ksenia: I’m 16. Robotics has been an integral part of my life since I was 13 years old when I first took part in the Robofest competition in Russia. I have always been interested in the structure of the world and the design of various mechanisms. I am very interested in the designing of machines. Unlike psychology or astronomy, robotics became the first area where I was able to design in practice. I believe that the ability to experiment makes it easier to understand many questions of the theory. And that’s why I really want to take part in the FIRST Global Challenge in 2018.

Dmitry: I like creating robots and other electronic gadgets. When I began to study in the second grade, I engaged in various circles of technical modeling and creativity. I learned robotics under the guidance of my parents who are experienced engineers. In the 9th class I got acquainted with the basics of robotics based on the ArduinoUNO board and LEGO Mindstorms. Then I began to collect the simplest robots. In the 10th and 11th grades I was engaged in the creation of a robot sapper designated to search for mines.

Daniil: I worked for three years on the project “robot-sapper”, which received many awards at various school conferences. Working as a programmer, I developed an algorithm for automatic scanning of the field with dynamic reading of measurements from sensors and created the possibility of transition to manual control.  I also worked on creating 3D robots and animated videos showing the design and technical details of such models. Participation in FGC 2018 will give me valuable experience in research and expand my technical skills.

Denis: I am in the 11th grade of the special pre-University school of the Russian National research nuclear University “MEPhI”. I like to study mathematics, physics and programming. I have no idol, but I have great respect for such outstanding scientists as Albert Einstein and Stephen Hawking. Although I am only at the beginning of my life, it is important for me to leave my mark on history. Therefore, the FGC 2018 is a great opportunity to show my abilities and fighting character.

Sergey: I have been fond of robotics since childhood and I want to become an engineer to connect my life with this profession. I am impressed with the training program based on the STEM system. I hope that STEM education will be widely spread all over the world. During the week we will meet interesting people, do what we love and feel part of a truly global and important event. I hope that my participation in this youth international forum in Mexico will give me a lot of positive impressions and emotions.

Nikolai Smetanin — head of the Russian national team
I am proud to represent a team of Russian schoolchildren at one of the largest international youth robotics forums — the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge, Mexico. Our young team takes part in such a representative forum for the first time. We admire the noble goals set by the organizers of FIRST Global. Completing tasks in the game “energy impact” with the use of robots, competing teams must find the most efficient ways to transfer energy to power a conditional settlement.. The solution to this problem is designed to help solving one of the crucial global problems of the 21st century — to provide mankind with cheap renewable energy. Therefore, we fully support the environmental focus of the 2018 FIRST Global Challenge. I wish all the participants good luck! Russian envoys are ready to establish contacts and cooperation in the promotion of the international STEM system as the basis of the modern educational process.

We wish everyone good luck in sport wrestling on the magnificent Arena Ciudad de Mexico! Long live the friendship and cooperation of young people from all over the world!