Team Rwanda 2018

It’s for the second time Team Rwanda is attending the FIRST Global Challenge, we are honored to be both supported by the Government of Rwanda and the FIRST Global Challenge team as well.

As the government of Rwanda in its missions and objectives in IDPRS I, adopt to promote services through technology in all areas, and due to FIRST Global Challenge’s theme of promoting “Energy” through this competition, Team Rwanda is excited to acquire knowledge and experience from the young generation of the world in the matter of Energy so that once we return we can apply them into practice. 

Team Rwanda is composed by five students and two mentors whom are identified in below:

  1. MUROTI R. THEOPHILE (Mentor), a former Team Burundi senior Mentor and founder who due to certain circumstances did not perform to attend the launching ceremony in Washington DC last year, and has been transferred to team Rwanda this season.
  2. RULINDANA LAMBERT (Mentor), working as Manager at K-Lab, a company that support, trains and promote students with high ambitions in technology.
  3. UMUNYURWA MERVEILLE (Student), graduate from SOS TECHNICAL HIGHSCHOOL in computer science
  4. BERTIN MIHIGO SANO (Student), a software developer and graduate from Lycee de Kigali in Math, Physics and Computer Science.
  5. NGABONZIMA ARLETTE INEZA (Student), aspired to be a solution maker for her generation, using a foundation of technology, she is student at Gashora girls Academy of science and technology.
  6. NZAMWITA ANAIS (Student), a student at Green hills academy, in computer application system, she is very dedicated into technology.
  7. HAKUZWEYEZU Placide (Student), software developer and aspiring data scientist, he went to Lycee de Kigali for high school.