Team Saint Lucia 2018

Anna-Kaye, Programmer
I am a 2nd Year student at Vieux-Fort Comprehensive Secondary School, A-Level Department. My area of study is Natural Sciences, namely, Physics, Chemistry and Pure Mathematics. 

In the near future, I would like to work in the field of engineering. The field of robotics holds interest for me because it is amazing what humans can achieve singularly, and phenomenal what an impact robotics makes on our everyday lives. This area of technology has changed our food, transportation, entertainment and medicine for the better. In the future, I hope to understand robotics better and make a positive impact using this newfound knowledge. Additionally, I would like to write the SATs, attend university and deepen my understanding of the field of engineering. At the moment, I am not sure of where in this field I would like to major; I am sure, however, of my interest in this area.

In my free time, I enjoy volunteering, cooking and amateur photography. Physics and Pure Mathematics are the two subjects which hold the most appeal for me, making them my favourites. A personal hero of mine is Malcolm X. I will always admire his undying drive, even in the face of adversity, his standards, that he adhered to in the face of opposition and the lasting impact he made on the world. Something very unique about me is that I’m a science student with an artistic mindset and creative hands, who likes to cook. Furthermore, I have been an entrepreneur for roughly the past two years, and this particular fact helps me to be organised and make logical decisions.

Taton David, Designer/Physicist
I am a science student at Sir Arthur Lewis Community College who studies Physics, Chemistry and Pure Mathematics. My favorite subject is Physics and I aspire to become “The Physicist of Saint Lucia”, looking forward to also become the island’s third Nobel Laureate someday. 

I often imagine myself to be young Einstein in the rough, for which one day will get polished to a great Physicist like he was. As a budding Physicist I enjoy playing with motors, circuit components and other novel stuff I can get my hands on. Looking up at the night sky and embracing the heavens is one of my night time hobbies. Participating in scientific competitions and other science occasions is something I embrace. I have always had this connection with nature whenever I brainstorm scientific ideas. Creative thinking is something in which I believe that I possess on a high level. 

Robotics, a rapidly evolving field in STEM is one in which I deeply appreciate. When I look at situations in my country such as fighting crime and law enforcement, I believe that the implementation of robotics solutions is an approach that will have great impact. Whether it is drones helping our police force or computerized hoses that suppress blazing flames in an inaccessible building, robotics can help. Attending FIRST Global will cultivate my STEM spirit further, as I am surely one who will make an impact in my country, Saint Lucia!

Dion Recai, Captain
Dion is an upper sixth-form student at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College who is currently studying mathematics, chemistry, and physics. He plans on furthering his studies in the field of engineering at university. Dion wants to pursue a career in engineering and hopes to one day become the next Elon Musk.

Dion grew up in the rural, nature-filled part of St. Lucia and this has led to his hobby of exploring nature. He also enjoys playing football (soccer), and other games, with his friends. When Dion learned programming it opened a new universe for him and now he enjoys coding, especially developing video games.

Dion’s passion for science, programming and engineering naturally meld in the field of robotics. He sees robotics as a way to use his knowledge of science, engineering and programming, coupled with his creativity, to bring ideas and designs to life. He hopes that through robotics he can develop both technical skills and soft skills which will be vital for his pursuits. Dion believes that advancements in technology through robotics and engineering can benefit St. Lucia and so he has engaged in robotics development programs in his home country. He hopes to someday extend this internationally.

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