Team Serbia 2018

We feel very fortunate to have this opportunity and thank FIRST Global for it. Our true mission is to teach the students many skills such as communication, machinery, programming, safety, marketing, engineering, and social skills that will help them in the future. We must discover all we can know about what that world will be like in the future, and try to guide our policies and educational efforts from that. Our team is trying to work interdisciplinary, involving new kinds of collaboration. Members of our team are hoping that STEM education is going to be core learning and learning to learn which will prepare students for the unknown. 

​On the field, we strive to be a true team player, changing our game plans if need be for the good of our alliance. What characterizes us is team spirit and realizing the importance of cooperation. 

Each of our team members strives to achieve a common vision: be engaged and networked in communities of practice. Encouraging the practice of science among students is important for our team leader. We are coming to Mexico City, hoping that the FIRST Global contest highlights values such as fair-play, solidarity, knowledge sharing and creativity, through technical skills and project management.

Vuk Vujović – mentor
Master of electric engineering and Master of business administration. I am currently working at Secondary school Kreativno pero in Belgrade on position Professor of Computer Science, and also working at Faculty of Information Technologies at Alfa BK University in Belgrade on position Assistant Professor for two courses: Programming and Software Engineering. Other fields of my education: in process of finishing PhD thesis: “Contribution to the development of information systems aimed at improving business in construction companies in Serbia”; twelve published scientific papers about information systems and educational software. More than 15 years of experience in private business companies at highest managerial positions.

Aleksandra Nedeljković – mentor
Aleksandra Nedeljkovic is the Founder and School Board President of Educational System Kreativno pero. Her vision is to create a school that sets a balance between education and knowledge gaining traditional values ​​and spirit of the time, fostering awareness of belonging to the community and responsibility towards others. A school that will be recognized by its pupils, who joyfully and trustfully gain new and applicable knowledge together with their teachers.

She holds Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree in Banking and International Finance from Cass Business School University of London. Before founding ES Kreativno pero with her sister in 2007 she worked in auditing firms in Cyprus, as well as financial controller in Mobtel and Telenor in Serbia.

Jelena Djurić – mentor
Jelena Djuric – Bachelor of mathematics. She is currently working at High school Nikola Tesla in Budapest on position Professor of Mathematics and Computer Science. Prior to that, from 2011-2016 she taught mathematics and computer science in the XII Belgrade High School and before that from 2009-2011 at an elementary school Milan DJ Milicevic where she also dealt with administrative. During her work she participated in the International Teacher Education – Innovation of Studies in Mathematics and IT -TEMPUS project, she taught courses on MatLab, Certified Asset Pricing. Participated in the Congress of Mathematicians many other seminars and activities, many professional trainings, pedagogical workshops. Last year she was an additional mentor for the Serbian team. In her free time she likes to read, go to the theater and enjoy sports.

Katarina Andrić – student
It’s an honor to be a part of the Team Serbia. I am from Belgrade, capital city of Serbia. I go to the private high school “Kreativno pero” and I’m finishing my third year. Technology is the future, therefore I plan on studying software engineering. I am eager to learn new things and always ready for new challenges. Along with that, I’m a hardworking and responsible person capable of working in a team as well as by myself. I’m optimistic and always smiling. I train shooting sport (air rifle) and hip-hop dance. Also, I’m studying Russian, French and Japanese. In my free time, I like listening to music and playing piano, reading and spending time with my friends. FIRST Global is a great place for me to gain more experience and I’m looking forward to meeting new people with the same interest. 

Vladana Joksimović – student
This is my second year in the robotics team and fourth year in Kreativno Pero Secondary School. I joined the robotics team because everything will become digitalized in the future and all tasks will be done via computers and laptops. Also since I’ve already participated in the FIRST Global Competition I found it very interesting and useful. Outside of school/robotics I enjoy sports, especially volleyball. I am interested in computers and languages. Mathematics is my passion and one of my favorite brain trainings. After secondary school, in October, I will study business combined with information technology. That would be FEFA University in Serbia. I would enjoy studying abroad, if it was something related to computers. I am interested in computers and I am thinking about working with them in the future. It is a great opportunity to participate in such amazing competition as FIRST Global. Last year I enjoyed every part of it and I’m looking forward to this year’s challenge!

Andjela Preočanin – student
My name is Andjela Preočanin. I’m 18 years old. This is my first year in the robotics team and fourth year in Kreativno pero Secondary school. During the fourth year in Kreativno pero, I also attended one-year study at IT Academy, the direction of programming. I’m very interested in mathematics, programming and computer engineering. I would like to become a student at the Faculty of Organizational Sciences in Serbia. I haven’t had a chance to work with robots and I think that FIRST Global will be a big experience for me. Also FIRST Global will help me to choose my future job.

Nađa Marčetić – student
My name is Nađa Marčetić from Belgrade, Serbia where I attended primary school for 8 years. I finished a music school for piano as well. Now I finished 3rd year of Serbian High School “Nikola Tesla” in Budapest, Hungary. I would like to study mathematics in Italy. I’m really talkative, adventurous, easy-going, amiable and conventional person. My hobbies are: playing piano, writing poems, travelling and discovering new cities and cultures. I am looking forward to being a part of this international competition. I was always interested in robotics. I hope that this will be an interesting journey and productive experience with a plenty of new friendships worldwide. 

Teodora Grubanov – student
My name is Teodora Grubanov. I am 18 years old. I was born in Novi Sad, Serbia. I live in Bačka Palanka, where I attended elementary school. From there, I have diplomas and awards from math competitions. Since 2015, I have been attending High school “Nikola Tesla” in Budapest, Hungary. Now, I am in my third year. I use to play volleyball in elementary school. Serbian is my native language. I also speak Hungarian, English and Spanish. My favorite subject in school is math. When I finish my high school, I would like to study economics, business and management. My dream is to live and work in Barcelona, Spain. I am very good at planning events and organizing. I love to work in a team, but I can also work by myself. I am an excellent communicator and I am very sociable.

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