Team Singapore 2018

Inspired by the remarkable technological and scientific progress of the tiny city state of 5.3 million that they call home, Team Singapore is humbled by the opportunity provided by the FIRST Global Challenge, and determined to show the world that with the right environment, small countries can compete on a global stage like any other. 

Comprising 4 members all attending their first year in the International Baccalaureate programme at Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), namely Isaac, Hsien Rong, Dylan and Michelle, the team has been united by their unshakeable passion and interest in all things mechanical. Having each spent a few years at the school’s robotics club, the group has come to enjoy the learning potential and ironclad bonds of friendship that have been afforded to us during our time in the programme. The team can be seen spending most of their free time brainstorming and designing various solutions for the challenge that is Energy Impact, which has formed a strong sense of mutual camaraderie and respect.

Arthur Mellen Wellington once said, “Great triumphs of engineering genius – the locomotive, the truss bridge, the steel rail- … are rather invention than engineering proper.” Despite many of us being exposed to the REV system for the first time, we sincerely enjoy the constantly permuting and shifting challenges that we encounter each day. We are optimistic that with ingenuity, hard work and gracious professionalism, even the most severe and insurmountable obstacles can be overcome!