Team Slovakia 2018

Team Slovakia 2018 consists of determined, passionate and STEM interested young people. They have been chosen from among many talented students from Slovakia according to their awareness of global problems, ability to solve puzzles and their robot building skills. Team Slovakia members come from different parts of our country – from the Tatra mountains in the east to the beautiful nature of the central part to urban and industrial west.

The captain of the team is Martin, a skilled young man who has plenty of former experience with FIRST Lego League together with Tomas, team spokesperson, and Adam, a talented robot designer. Oliver has become part of Team Slovakia due to his analytical skills and ecological feeling. Viliam is the team captain of Team Slovakia 2017 and his position in the team is enriching thanks to his experience with FIRST Global, design abilities and ability to speak Spanish.

The composition of our team does not allow us to meet and work on an everyday basis, however, we meet together every weekend, discuss ideas, assemble, test, disassemble, discuss new ideas… and all over again :). Most of all, we have a lot of STEM fun. Thank you FIRST Global for this opportunity, we will do our best to compete well, to meet new people and to spread ideas of FIRST Global.




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