Team Slovenia 2018

Team Slovenia is comprised of eight high-school students from our capital city Ljubljana in addition to two mentors. Half of our team has already attended last years competition in Washington DC, where we placed 79th. All of us are in one way or another highly interested in STEM, some of us like the engineering aspects, others are more into coding and the rest are more multi-practical in this regard. We come from very different backgrounds, some of us come from the centre fo the city, others come from the suburbs, which helps us get different perspectives on how to solve hurdles. We gathered 2+ times a week at Zavod404, a local incubator for projects, where we design and construct our unique solutions for the robot.

We love to share our passion for robotics online and in person. Every now and then we attended local events where we show off our robot solution for last year and explain what we actually do – get people interested into us on the way. We also run a weekly vlog on our YouTube channel and post regular updates on our Facebook page.

Our Team Members, Luka Maček, David Kraševec, Matej Šajn, Andrei Morozov, Kristina Kit, Lara Erzin, Nail Kuduzović, Jernej Macarol Možina, Mark Breznik and Matevž Zorec are all highly motivated, prepared to work hard and ready to help as much as we can through our First Global campaign. All of us are incredibly excited to represent our country on the international stage.

Team Media