Team Republic of Korea 2018

Each and every member of Team Republic of Korea shares a passion for robotics: the entire process of designing, engineering, and assembling smart robots to achieve challenging tasks and problems excites us to no end. Not surprisingly, our members include presidents of school engineering and math clubs, participants in science Olympiads, and an aspiring environmental engineer. One member has devoted a whole summer researching IMU sensors and their application in medical sciences. We spend our free time learning programming languages and their applications or thinking about creative ways to solve sustainability problems that affect our world.

But passion for engineering and sciences aren’t the only things that define our talented members. We represent a dazzlingly diverse range of experiences and quirks: within our ranks is a winner of a national public speaking competition, a dedicated jazz saxophone player, and a varsity tennis player. We are strong precisely because of our varied interests and passions. Just as robots become an increasing presence in today’s world, our members are willing to step up to the challenge of devising creative and practical applications for robots in society. The FIRST Global Challenge will be the first step in our shared vision to make a real, tangible difference.