Team South Sudan 2018

Team South Sudan Robotic was established in Feb 2017 by Team Manager Kuc Mayur Kuc and Mentor Richard Ring Kuach, with an enthusiasm to move and urge South Sudan youth to embrace and study Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM), and enable them to develop their talent and innovation to think in solving real world problems in the areas of agriculture, energy and more. The team has much desire for the future of the new nation to be showed in the progression of science and innovation as a tool for solving their critical problems, such as conflicts, food insecurity, water and healthcare, among others.

Team South Sudan appreciated FIRST Global for giving a rare tremendous opportunity and logistics support to its team members to participate in the FIRST Global Challenge in July 2017, Washington DC, USA. South Sudan Robotic team was awarded the gold medal for courageous achievement, recognizing the challenges the team faced in building the robot.

Awet: Robot Driver and controller
My name is Andrew Awet Thon; I am 18 years old; I am year a twelve (12) student in Don Bosco secondary School-Juba. My future career interest is to become a computer engineer because I like Physics, mathematics, and Computer science. I joined FIRST Global this year with an inspiration to learn new ideas in the field of technology. I am impressed with the way I interact with the robot, and my team in building the robot. It is fun and interesting to build and drive the robot. I am social and friendly to all diversity of background, culture and religion. I would like to thank the FIRST Global team for giving our team a chance to participate in this year’s robotic Challenge.

Moummoum KUCH MABENY: Programmer
I am a robot programmer of our team. I participated in 2017 Washington DC- FIRST Global Challenge. I am studying in high school, Cambridge International School Juba, South Sudan. My career interest is to become a software Engineer. I preform very well in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry. My hobby is playing computer games and watching cartoons. I am interested in robotics because robots are programmable and act to do some tasks. Robot made me meet new friends across the globe, I like to make new friends and this makes me social and friendly. Being a part of FIRST Global, I expected to improve on my robotic programming skills and I will be able to do more in the future. I am happy to be part of the FIRST GLOBAL FAMILY as well also this year [2018] am participating in the FIRST Global Challenge in Mexico city. I am 15 years old am in year 10. I have always liked robotics because it uses the gear, motors, and also programming, which makes it a little bit easy for me in the future to do my job and develop my country in the future and also help others.

Ayak Bol Amet Mayen: Team leader
I am 17 years old, and in grade 11 at Cambridge International School Juba, South Sudan and I will do the International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE) in October 2018. I am a team leader of Team South Sudan, I am a high school student, studying science subjects which include Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry and ICT. I am interested in robotics because this is a technological innovation. This program tests the young in terms of ideas, creativity and design. It is educative. In the future I will study piloting and electrical engineering in order to help develop my country in the field of technology. Robotics is my mind-cracking hobby; I do spend much of my time thinking of the design and ways on how to build our robot and even more advanced robots. I am always committed to my task and am the kind of person who never gives up so quickly. I am a hard working person who likes teamwork, and love working with my peers. I am a determined person and always ready to learn anything new. I am happy to be part of FIRST GLOBAL COMMUNITY.

Richard Ring Kuach (Mentor)
I received my bachelor’s degree in Computer Engineering from Cavendish University Uganda in 2015. I’m currently pursuing a Masters in Electronics and Information Communication Engineering at Huazhong University of Science and Technology, China. I am the mentor of FIRST Global Team South Sudan. I started working with FIRST Global Organization last year in 2017. Team South Sudan participated in the FIRST Global Challenge in Washington-DC USA in 2017, where we won the Courageous Achievement gold medal. This year Team South Sudan has put more effort to participate and compete in 2018 Mexico FIRST Global Challenge.

Our aim is to mobilize and encourage South Sudanese youth from the age of 18 years and below to join and participate in Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics(STEM) innovation and creativity. The skills acquired through STEM will be applied in the development of our country. The use of technology, such as Energy, boost the production and development of various fields. Currently most of the population uses generators as the source of energy instead of using hydropower or renewable energy such solar power, which would help us fight environmental pollution caused by the use of diesel and fuel.