Team Sudan 2018

Left to right: Mohamed, Sara, Elaf.

Sara’s favorite subjects are mathematics, chemistry, and she has a passion for robotics and love to further her studies more. She wants to create a robotics club and gain more skills so she can inspire other children in Sudan to enjoy and be able to get into STEM fields. Her hobbies are drawing and playing volleyball. She studies at the gifted and talented school.

Mohamed: loves computer programming and games. He doesn’t have prior knowledge about robotics, and he wants to learn and explore more about the new technology. He wants to be a programmer. He studies at alqabas school.

Elaf: Her hobbies include robotics, tennis, swimming. she loves physics and mathematics. Her dream is to become a doctor, discover treatment for some diseases, and service humanity. She studies at the gifted and talented school.

We chose “Summer Triangle” as the name of our team because as team Sudan we wanted to pick a unique name that will represent us. Our mission is to become the three stars that will unite to guide and be part of the future plans. To be visible and able to discover and learn new technologies hoping to be part of the solutions for a great future for our planet, and to also have a chance to inspire and help children in Sudan to learn and explore robotics and STEM programs. The three bright stars are forming an isosceles triangle. Altair is the apex (peak), Vega and Deneb are creating the base! Altair, its name derives from Arabic “Al Nasr al Tair”, meaning “flying eagle” and it’s the nearest of the three and about 16.7 light years away. Vega or Wega, the brightest of the three stars, its name derived from the Arabic “Al Nasr Al Waki”, it’s 25 light years’ distance. Deneb marks the tail of the swan and its name is derived from the Arabic “dhanab” which means tail, and is located 3550 light years’ distance from the solar system!

Thank you to FIRST Global for the opportunity to meet with great people from around the world willing to do their best to improve the world.