Team Sweden 2018

Christina Brown
Two of my ambitions is network technology and math. I find network technology really interesting with the all the coding, the different programing systems and how to operate them. And I like math because of the thinking progress you have to go through to solve the equations and problems. But of course once in awhile you run into a speed-bump that might delay the solving part just a bit. After finishing school my career goal is to work for Cisco as a network technician. 

Mattias Messerer
I’d briefly say that I am a calm, social person with an interest to computer technology. I started programming and made my first website in HTML when I was 11 years old. Ever since then I have taken a wider look into computer technology when I started my first year in the gymnasium. I have worked with front-end and back-end programming and also worked with objective programming in C++ and Java. For the future I want to continue working with computer technologies and develop not just as a person but also develop programs in the future that will have an impact to society. That’s my goal.

Oscar Sanner
Throughout my upbringing, I have been fascinated by technology and what it can accomplish. Today I am 18 and have learned a lot more than I thought possible because of my curiosity. However, almost none of my projects have gone smoothly. One example is an electric skateboard I built which took over two years and several prototypes. In the fall I have the goal of starting to study computer science at LTH and in front of me I see a future as a software developer.