Team Syria 2018

Hello! Or as we say it where we come from, Marhaba! Syria, our home country, a beautiful place that we love, the place where we were born, where we live, and where we met. Hafez (17), Sidra (17), Another Hafez (16), and Obai (16), thats us! We’re Syria’s first FGC team.

This isn’t our first experience participating in an international competition, namely robotics-related, yet we see FGC as our biggest challenge to date. A challenge that we’re eager to face, and a challenge that we believe we’re ready to undergo. As confident of our own level as we are, as conscious and aware of the calibre of the competition that we’re up against.

Our primary aim in accomplishing our goals is to assist in and contribute to creating a better world. For us, that begins at home. In Syria, due to the present situation, we are faced with an energy issue.

Consequently, we have an even stronger desire to overcome the energy matter at hand in the hope of providing our homeland and the rest of the world with better life conditions. This is our drive, our burning ambition, to dream, to help, to improve, and to achieve.

We see FGC not only as a competition, but also as an opportunity to meet new people, form lifelong friendships, and explore different cultures. A large part of our excitement for FGC is because we see it as a great social experience, and a way for different people with similar ambitions to come together.

To sum it up, we’re looking forward to competing, and we can’t wait to see you all in Mexico!

Team Media