Team Tajikistan 2018

Murodova Aziza Idirisovna
Murodova was born on in the city of Khujand.

 Murodova’s mother and father work as entrepreneurs in higher education.

 Aziza began her studies at Gymnasium No. 3 and 2 years after that she went to school. School No. 16 from 2014 studies in LEU “Gulchini Marifat”. During her studies she showed herself as an diligent, purposeful, hardworking student.

 She loves technique, her favorite occupation is to build something new and the best dreams of becoming a good specialist in the field of aerodynamics. Dreams will continue her studies at the Russian university. Her dream is to make a great contribution to the development of the native land and the state.

Parviz Ochilzoda
Everybody in my family will be doctor but only I want to be an astrophysicist. Why? From childhood I always want to work in NASA. I begun my studies in private school “Nur”, but my passion for physics brought me into the Polytechnic Lyceum where I was able to meet the right teachers. Only in the Polythechnic Lyceum working the best teachers who can bring your ideas into life by means of teaching and inspiring us. I believe I achieve my goals set towards being an astrophysicist.

Nabiev Manuchehr
I raised up in a region called Bobojon Gafurov. From my earlier childhood I wasn’t an ordinary child, as I liked doing adventurous things. Every day of my childhood was like a second chance for me to do what gave me pleasure. Watching interesting cartoons on TV, playing football with my friends, going to swimming pools on summer days and many other interesting activities. I thought that my childhood memories are the best memories that I would ever have, until it was the time for me to enter the world of academics. As like any child I wasn’t so happy about attending school, but day after day I got accustomed to it. During my school life I was really interested in innovations and making innovative things. Being interested in innovative things, one day I watched a program called “Robotics in Our Time” on TV. That program really amazed me and changed the duration of my life. After that day I started searching for information about robotics and learned a lot about it. As the result of those efforts, this year I took part in an International Competition “Infomatrix 2018”, which was held in Kazakhstan. That competition was about making short movies, programming, hardware control system and also included robotics. I was able to take 3rd place in this competition. After the series of these events, I have an opportunity to demonstrate my skills about robotics in FIRST GLOBAL CHALLENGE.