Team Timor-Leste 2018

Ricky (left), Silvia (Middle) Richy (Right)

Richard Ostwald, Head of Engineering
Richy is a Year 9 student at Dili International School in Timor-Leste. He is interested in the new ways robotics can make life easier for humans. Since he was old enough to recognize a computer, his family has always had PCs, notebooks and technology in the house. Three years ago he got his first laptop and he started learning python and finds it interesting. He also started building Lego Robotics. He has built many Lego Mind Storms robots and has modified some of the kits for personal projects. In the future, he wants to study Robotics, Electrical engineering and physics. In his spare time, Richy reads lots of books, plays video games, builds MindStorm Ev3 models and plays many different sports. Tony Stark/Iron Man is his role model because he is intelligent, he is witty, he is an inventor and he has a good looking girlfriend XD.

Ricardo Abel, Head of Programming
Ricky is a Year 11 student at Dili International School in Timor-Leste. He is most interested in how robots are being programmed in a complex ways and is keen to share his knowledge of programming (c++ language and fair amount of python language). He has always loved to play video games since his early years but, back then, he never wanted to know how it was created. 2017 was a huge turn for him, because the MYP Personal Project was the real deal and he wanted to apply some of his knowledge that he learnt previously into creating a game. His first coding was in c++, he could have gone for something easier but it is a prerequisite for Unreal engine 4 program that he loves to use. After months of researching and learning soon he realized how much he needs to know to become a Master, but he will keep on learning! In the future, he wants to study, IT, Graphic design (games) and Programing. Most of his spare time happens to be at home. Usually he goes to Unreal Engine 4 and keeps on developing his scripting of c++ in a game that he worked on for the MYP Personal Project. Bill Gates is his hero because he and his friend, who created Microsoft, drastically changed how the world works, for the better!

Silvia Aurora, Team Captain
Silvia is a Year 9 student at Dili International School in Timor-Leste and the Timor- Leste Team Captain. She is interested in how robots “think” and computer programing. She brings Computer programing skills & Teamwork skills and is a positive force for good. She finds programming to be a tough subject but has found it interesting through time because there is so much to learn about what is behind any product. In programing you instruct computers to execute tasks, and she is interested in how to instruct robots through programing. In the future, she wants to study Information Technology, especially inquiring on how electronic devices work. Her hero is her Mother because she is hardworking, independent, kind & loving.