Team Turkey 2018

Team Turkey has a mission of spreading renewable energy use in order to build a sustainable future. Consisting of 1 girl and 3 boys, this team highly encourages the youth to use clean energy which contributes to the maintenance and availability of natural resources.

Our member İdil İşsever wants to study mechatronics in the future. While being a part of a robotics team, she explored her passions and develeped the skills that will prepare her for a career in STEAM. Studying with robots and learning about both mechanical and electronical made İdil realize the opportunities and possibilities for next generations.

Kamil Küpeli thinks robots are the key part of the future due to their benefits for humankind and he wants to be a part of the change. Kamil wants to be an automotive engineer due to his interest in cars and technology.

Our member Yiğit Pekçetin wants to make people’s lives easier and he thinks that the best solution is robots. He would like to be a mechatronic engineer and mentor in FRC. He can keep calm in stressful times and solve problems efficiently.

Our lead mechanic, Bora Karaman has years of experience in FIRST events, including FRC. He has an incredible analytical thinking capability, thats why he is our lead mechanic.

Our mentor, Dr. Deniz Cokuslu is a computer engineer. He got his degrees in top universities and worked in academics for many years. He previously worked for universities’ computer engineering departments as Assistant Professor and now he is mentoring our team, as well as other robotic teams in our school.

All in all, Team Turkey is beyond grateful to be participating in FIRST Global Challenge 2018 and willing to work in unity towards the goal of an ideal environment in light of the Energy Impact.