Team Turkmenistan 2018

The members of Team Turkmenistan are 6 students. All of them study in capital city of Turkmenistan, Ashgabat City. The technical mentor of the team is Atamyrat Shahanov. He has STEM teaching experience for 7 years. He had attended many International STEM related competitions and won many medals with his teams. He saw the importance of Robotics in teaching STEM and took a course on Arduino Robotics. Last year he organized a robot week for the first time in Turkmenistan in a public school. He frequently uses his robotics knowledge to make engineering projects with his students.

Team members Didar Hallyyev, Kuvvat Rejepov and Meylis Matiyev participated in an International Science Fair this year with their engineering projects and got 3rd place. They are seniors of the team. They like challenging work. Meylis Matiyev has knowledge in C programming language. Didar Hallyyev is especially interested in DIY electronics. Kuvvat Rejepov has a science background in chemistry, but likes international unity and solving engineering challenges.

Other team members Gochnazar Orazov, Ahmet Akyyev, and Ahmet Amanov, who are juniors of the team. Gochnazar Orazov is a valuable member because he is the only member who attended  a 3D modeling course. Ahmet Akyyev and Ahmet Amanov are the coding guy and engineer helper. The team manager is Berdimyrat Yazhanov.

Team Media